Bay Area Day Out: Hiking in Mount Tamalpais Marin County

One of the most fun things to do in San Francisco is to venture our into the great outdoors for the day. These Northern Californians are spoilt for choice with things to do around the Bay Area. The locals in the Bay Area and all over California have been rejoicing since El Nino has been blessing them with daily rain storms, ending their 4 year drought. Not so much if… [Read More]

Cooking with Comté Cheese

2 easy recipes using Comté, the artisanal French PDO cheese. We make twice baked Comté cheese souffle and a very simple onion tart with Comté, apples and bacon.

Onion tart with apples, bacon & Comté Cheese

At a recent Comté cooking class, we used this fabulous artisanal French PDO cheese to make a simple onion tart. The recipe uses caramelised onions, cheese, apples and bacon which comes together in the perfect combination of crispy, savoury and sweet. You can either make your own rough puff pastry or just use a good ready frozen, all butter puff pastry. You can either make a big tray and cut it… [Read More]

Twice-baked Spinach & Comté soufflés

These Twice-baked Spinach & Comté soufflés are a fool proof way to make soufflés for an impressvice dinner party. They can be made in advance and frozen too.

Norfolk Treacle Tart

The history of the treacle tart Treacle Tart is one of my favourite puddings and is also Harry Potter’s favourite too. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love this sticky sweet pudding too. It is said to have originated sometime in the late 1800’s after the invention of Golden Syrup in 1883. Even though the name suggests that treacle is used, the modern day recipe that we are… [Read More]

The New House of Ho Fitzrovia

House of Ho serves up Vietnamese & South East Asian cuisine in a modern, and refined style. If you want delicious Asian food in a lovely setting, go here.

The Meat Co Steaks Afican Style and the secret sauce

The Meat Co is a South African Steakhouse in London serving great steaks with a secret sauce, Go for the surf and turf with the giant prawns.

Easy weeknight supper- Thai Red Curry Vegetable Noodles

To celebrate Thai New Year or Songkran, I was sent some Thai curry sauces. Using the red curry kit, I made a quick and easy Red Curry Noodles with Vegetables. The kit comes with a pack of curry paste, some coconut milk and some dried herbs. Following the instructions on the pack, I made the curry. The pack suggests using sirloin steak but I used lots of different vegetables instead… [Read More]

Sunday Selection : Chocolate coconut water, Bioglan superfood, Wasabi Rocket

If you like coconut water, you will like this new chocolate flavour from Vita Coco. You don’t taste the coconut water as it is now overshadowed by the addition of chocolate. It tastes like chocolate milk without the dairy. It comes in both the handy hand bag size and the full size cartons. Try it out.   Bioglan has just launched a new range of superfoods that you can use… [Read More]

Gluten Free Almond Butter Waffles with caramelised bananas #WaffleDayChallenge #win

Win a stay at the Hilton Garden Inn with your waffle recipe. Instead of the regular waffles recipe, try this gluten free almond butter waffle recipe instead. Using bananas and honey as sweetener, and topped with caramlised bananas. it’s a healthier option and a crowd pleaser.

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