I am a Londoner who likes to eat and travel. I am fearless in food choices and will eat almost anything that moves, with and without a dare. Don’t much like insects though.

I occasionally cook and am obsessed by fancy kitchen gadgets so will try to share some on here too. Love to try new restaurants and different cuisines too and will share some of my finding along the way. Would like to explore the locavore’s way of living but in London, that has been a bit of an uphill battle but all the new foodie friends on twitter has shared some great resources.

I also write (infrequently on my other blog) where I post Malaysian Lifestyle, Food and Travel Stories.

When I am not obsessing about the next meal, I am Web Strategist and an SEO Expert and I spend way too much time stuck on the laptop.

What happened to Slow Food Kitchen?

This blog was previously known as Slow Food Kitchen but it has been several years and the blog has moved on so I rebranded it Eat Cook Explore which adequately descbribes the content which mainly comprises of Eating Out, Cooking In, Exploring or Travel too.

Press and Media

I occassionally write guests posts, host giveways and work with brands on blog promotions. You can get more information on working with me here.

Affiliate Disclosure

I occassionally write about products that interest me and in some cases I will get paid an affiliate commission if someone buys through my blog.


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