Tasting 16 year old Basque Txuletón Beef

Txuleton Basque Beef

The Speciality Food Show is a great place to discover new food producers and identify food trends. The highlight this year was this stand that was showcasing this unusual beef from 16 year old cattle from the Basque country. Being a total Beef Geek, I was drawn to this stand by the aroma of beef frying on the hot plate. This meat is sold by The Txogitxu Meat company who… [Read More]

Discover great tasting Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Isle of Wight Tomatoes - Heirloom tomatoes

No more tasteless tomatoes I have never paid much attention to tomatoes and all I really knew was that I liked Italian plum tomatoes for my pasta sauces, fresh San Marzano when I can find them in local Italian delis, cherry tomatoes on the vine and plain old no name varieties in the big buckets in supermarkets. I have never had the luxury of buying my tomatoes by the name, instead… [Read More]

Taste Emporium with Santa Maria


Did you know that they have Taco Fridays in Sweden? Who knew that Mexican food featured so prominently in Swedish food culture. I learnt this fact at the recent Taste Emporium hosted by Santa Maria, the Swedish owned food brand. The Taste Emporium was an interactive showcase of some of their new products. They took over Discovery foods a few years ago and are now rebranding in the UK.  Santa… [Read More]

Indulging in Jude’s Ice Cream

Jude's Ice Cream

In a market where there is so much competition, it is nice to see an artisanal family business thriving. The Ice Cream market might seem saturated but here is one that is growing, Jude’s Ice Cream. Jude’s Ice Cream was started in a farm in Hampshire, using a domestic ice cream machine. The company started by Theo Mezger, an ex banker about 11 years ago in their farm near Winchester…. [Read More]

The Fabulous Baker Brothers at Harrods

The Fabulous Baker Brothers at Harrods

Real bread is a great trend that is catching on in a big way now. TV programmes like The Fabulous Baker Brothers and the Great British Bakeoff have really fuelled the interest in real baking in this country. Tom and Henry Herbert have done their bit in promoting this trend. When their show aired, the twittersphere erupted. Mostly with admiration of new found fans. Today, they launched their bread in… [Read More]

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