9 fascinating facts you didn’t know about Quinoa

9 fascinating things you didn’t know about the superfood Quinoa. It’s not a grain but a pseudocereal. It’s a complete protein. has low GI and is easy to digest.

Quick and Easy Comfort Food

What do you crave when you need comfort food. Mine is a bowl of pasta, a cheese toastie or some stir fried noodles. Quick, simple dishes that hits the spot.

Sourced Market – Crowdfunding their way to a retail empire

They say that the UK is turning into an entrepreneurial nation. London is now one of the best cities to do a startup. Now Sourced Market is not really a start up. They are an independent business that has been going for over 5 years. I  met with the founder and  CEO, Ben O Brien, to have a chat about his business and expansion plans. A curated market of artisanal… [Read More]

Tequila and Mezcal Fest 2015 preview

Mexico! what come to mind when you think of Mexico. I think of Fiestas, bright colours, lively music, Mayan ruins, hot chillis, chocolate and amazing food with lots of zingy flavours. This month in London, Tequila Fest hits town again, bigger and better than last year. There will be lots of workshops on Tequila and Mezcal, tastings, Mexican food, music and culture. Here is a quick preview of what’s going… [Read More]

Magners sponsored BBQ Champ kicks off on ITV

Tired of cooking shows? Here is a similar cooking competition format focussed on BBQs, using clever ways to cook over wood, fire and charcoal, BBQ Champ sponsored by Irish Cider company Magners. They don’t use just any BBQ, no gas is allowed anywhere, just wood and charcoal. BBQ has caught on in a massive way in London in the last couple of years. The UK is the fifth largest BBQ… [Read More]

Wine Tasting with Oz Clark at Celebrity Cruises’ Lawn Club Popup for #LondonWineWeek

During the recent London Wine Week, Celebrity Cruises hosted a wine tasting event with Oz Clark. He picked a selection from the 500 wines available from the Celebrity wine library and took the group on a tasting journey. Oz is a very funny speaker and he brought a new appreciation to the wines we tasted. The event was set up like a picnic to emulate the Lawn Club that is… [Read More]

15 things you need to know about frozen foods

Frozen food is often ignored but sometimes you will find it more nutritious, more convenient to have at home, there is less wastage and you can have food out of season.

Cook Healthy with LV= Lovelife

Learning to cook healthier dishes is always of interest. At this Healthy Asian cookery class with LV= we were shown a few very tasty and quick Asian recipes. All the recipes are quite easy to put together and full of flavour. It might be healthy but it is still tasty and fills you up too. Ken was our instructor for the night and he demonstrated some knife skills techniques and… [Read More]

EBLEX Simon Difford Canape and Cocktail Pairing

Cocktail and food paring – the key is quality ingredients and simplicity. Cocktail Maestro Simon Difford was asked by Eblex the organisation for the English beef and sheep industry to pair canapés with drinks for a showcase event in London. Canapes and cocktails were as simple, and as delicious, as roast beef atop a muffin buttered with hummous matched with a classic Bloody Mary. Miniature beef tarts with white bean puree… [Read More]

9 Superfoods for a Super 2015

They say “you are what you eat”, so stock your cupboards full of these delicious superfoods in 2015 and you’ll be feeling super too!

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