Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thanks for reading my blog this year. Looking forward to a very exciting, fun and delicious 2015!

Christmas Gift Guide for Gourmets

lakeland hamper

Thinking of original and interesting gifts for gourmets is not easy. There are so many things to choose from and every year, there are so many new products to confuse you further. Here is an edit of some lovely food and drink gift ideas for Christmas. Dazzle your guests with a Luxury Cheese Selection from Paxton and Whitfield. If you pop into the shop they can help you pick some… [Read More]

Taste of Korea launches in New Malden

Taste of Korea Tesco New Malden

Last week, this ‘Taste of Korea’ was launched at the Tesco in New Malden. Several aisles were filled with Korean food products and they had some tastings of some of the more popular dishes. This is an annual event for promoting great Korean foods to UK and European markets, which supported by Embassy of South Korea. This event will be focused in providing most popular Korean foods in Taste of… [Read More]

The Espresso Italiano Championship 2014

Espresso Italiano Championship 2014 at the RAC

The International National Espresso International (INEI) hosted its 2014 Championship in London for the first time in the stunning RAC Club. They brought together 15 top Baristas from around the world to compete the for ultimate accolade of overall champion. Each Barista had to make 4 cups of espresso and 4 cups of cappuccino and clean up in 11 minutes. Two groups of judges awarded points. the Technical Judges awarded… [Read More]

Highlights of the Speciality Food Show 2014

Woodalls British Charcuterie

Every visit to the Speciality Food Show leads to new discoveries of interesting food producers and food products. It also highlights food trends that are about to hit our supermarkets. This year, there was an abundance of new coconut water brands, Jerky companies, British Charcuterie, Bilitong, Raw Honey, beetroot ketchup, a 16 year old Basque Beef, designer salt and some medicinal mushrooms made into chocolates. As usual, there are lots… [Read More]

Cooking Heston’s Barbecue for a BBQ Off

BBQ Grill

We are enjoying a nice summer this year. Walking around the residential streets of London, you will smell the wafts of meat grilling and the sounds of clinking glasses and drifts of conversation. Last weekend, I had a little BBQ party with a few friend and to make it a bit more fun, we did a BBQ off. Everyone had to bring a dish and we would all judge their… [Read More]

Become your own Barista at home

latte art

Coffee Culture in London is exploding, with many new independent coffee roasters and coffee startups opening up in town. Sitting in cafes and making the most of al fresco coffee culture is always fun, but sometimes staying in is all we really want to do. When the week has been busy and the weekend beckons with promises of lazy mornings reading the newspaper and relaxing on the sofa, the idea… [Read More]

Tom Aikens helps launch Market Deli by Walkers

Market Deli Tom Aikens

It’s always fun to attend events where great chefs are doing a demo or masterclass. Tom Aikens was at the launch of Walker’s new premium snacks range, Market Deli. His introduction emphasised his reliance on really good produce and the provenance of his ingredients. Tom demonstrated a couple of dishes using some of the ingredients that inspired the new flavours of snacks, a spicy. chunky gazapacho wiht a multitude of… [Read More]

Waitrose Cellar Debuts – Wine Buying Guide Online

Waitrose Cellar Wine Buying Guide

When I was younger, I tended to just buy wine from the local wine shop where I got some help with the wine selection.  In the last few years, after attending a lot of wine tastings and with the help and tips from my Wine Judge friend, I have learnt a lot more about wines. I am not an expert by any means but I can certainly make a more… [Read More]

Wishing You All A Very Happy Christmas!

Christmas Wreath

Wishing you all a very delicious and Happy Christmas and an abundant New Year!

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