Gluten Free Spiced Orange and Almond cake

Tom Kerridge Gluten Free Spiced Orange Cake

In the frenzy leading up to Christmas, my friend and I were inspired to make some of the dishes from Tom Kerridge’s Christmas programme. One of those dishes was this gluten free spiced orange cake made with almond flour. Watching him do it on the tele made it look really easy. We gathered all the ingredients and late on Christmas Eve we decided to start making this. Here is where… [Read More]

Spelt Quinoa Scones Recipe

Spelt Quinoa Scones

This is quick and easy recipe that I learnt a a recent baking lesson at Le Pain Quotidien. It’s a clever way to use 2 highly on trend ingredients spelt flour and quinoa. The way this is made yields 4 very large scones. You can easily divide this into 6 to make a few smaller ones as you wish. If you wanted to make more refined looking scones, you can… [Read More]

Tea smoked duck with a spiced plum sauce

Tea Smoked Duck with Spiced Plum Sauce Canapes

It’s the party season and if you are doing a party at home, kick off the party with a delicious zing with some tasty anapés. Here, I have made a very simple Tea Smoked Duck with a Spiced Plum Sauce canapé served on some Chinese soup spoons. Smoking food at home is not as hard as you might think. I did a smoked fish recipe a while back and it… [Read More]

Thai Style Leftover Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Leftover turkey lettuce wraps

What do you do with all that  leftover turkey after Christmas? If you are tired of the go to recipe of Coronation Turkey or turkey sandwiches, try this recipe with a little bit of zing. I like to spice up my leftover turkey and this is a very quick and tasty Thai inspired recipe. It’s something very simple using Thai flavours with ingredients that you most probably have in the… [Read More]

Vin Brule with Barolo Italian Mulled Wine

Vin Brulee Barolo Mulled Wine

The undulating hills of Piedmont in Northern Italy is the home of the Unesco protected Baroloa and Barbaresco wines. In the cold winters here, they drink their version of a mulled wine called Vin Brule. The Piedmont region has had a lot of French influence over the centuries and this is reflected in their food and culture. I guess Vin Brulee is one of those recipes that vary from family to… [Read More]

Giant cous cous with roasted vegetables

Giant Cous Cous and Roast Vegetable Salad

Here is an idea for a warm Autumn salad. I used this new ingredient that Sainsburys provided me to trial. It’s just called Giant Cous Cous on the packet. A little bit of research revealed that this is used a lot in Israeli cuisine. Unlike the more common cous cous, this needs to be boiled for about 10 minutes. Giant Cous Cous can also be added to soups or used… [Read More]

Heston’s Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

5.2l Chasseur Pot

Pulled Pork. It’s so on trend right now. London is in love with the flavours of the Deep South. We are seeing pulled pork, buttermilk fried chicken, hush puppies and all that on lots of menus. From street food stalls to high end eateries, we have embraced these dishes and served them up with our own twist. I have collected so many Pulled Pork recipes and have not had a… [Read More]

Arroz Negro Spanish Black Squid Ink Rice

Arroz Negro Spanish Squid Ink Rice Recipe

Smells and flavours can bring back happy memories of holidays. When I find an exceptional dish on holidays, I like to try and recreate it. Sometimes the dishes are way beyond my technical skill but some I can manage by learning how to use some new ingredients and new cooking techniques. Arroz Negro is a Spanish black rice dish that I have tasted several times but have never tried cooking…. [Read More]

Brazilian Fish Stew – Moqueca (In Association with Magimix)

Brazilian Fish Stew - Moqueca

Moqueca or Fish Stew is a really popular traditional dish from Brazil and there are many versions from all over the country. This recipe is inspired by the ones form the Bahia region. The ingredients used are mainly fish, lime, coconut milk and palm oil. If you have never tried this dish, it tastes a bit tangy from the lime juice, rich from the coconut milk, a mild chilli heat… [Read More]

Avocado and Mango Ice Lollies (In Association with Magimix)

Brazilian Mango and Avocado Ice Lolly

As part of the Brazilian recipe series, I have a really simple ice cream or ice lolly recipe using Avocados. In Brazil, they use Avocados in both savoury and sweet dishes like Avocado Mousse and Avocado and Coconut cream. The creaminess that the avocado imparts makes it an ideal ingredient in ice cream. Healthy Fat in Avocado - The avocado is one of those super foods that they always recommend in Anti Inflammatory… [Read More]

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