Onion tart with apples, bacon & Comté Cheese

At a recent Comté cooking class, we used this fabulous artisanal French PDO cheese to make a simple onion tart. The recipe uses caramelised onions, cheese, apples and bacon which comes together in the perfect combination of crispy, savoury and sweet. You can either make your own rough puff pastry or just use a good ready frozen, all butter puff pastry. You can either make a big tray and cut it… [Read More]

Twice-baked Spinach & Comté soufflés

These Twice-baked Spinach & Comté soufflés are a fool proof way to make soufflés for an impressvice dinner party. They can be made in advance and frozen too.

Norfolk Treacle Tart

The history of the treacle tart Treacle Tart is one of my favourite puddings and is also Harry Potter’s favourite too. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love this sticky sweet pudding too. It is said to have originated sometime in the late 1800’s after the invention of Golden Syrup in 1883. Even though the name suggests that treacle is used, the modern day recipe that we are… [Read More]

Easy weeknight supper- Thai Red Curry Vegetable Noodles

To celebrate Thai New Year or Songkran, I was sent some Thai curry sauces. Using the red curry kit, I made a quick and easy Red Curry Noodles with Vegetables. The kit comes with a pack of curry paste, some coconut milk and some dried herbs. Following the instructions on the pack, I made the curry. The pack suggests using sirloin steak but I used lots of different vegetables instead… [Read More]

Chestnut and Butternut Squash Soup

Lovely warming and healthy soups should be a staple recipes in every kitchen. It is also a great way to add more vegetables to your diet and up any spare vegetables lurking in your fridge. Here is an easy soup recipe with a little added luxurious twist with the addition of chestnuts and double cream. Butternut squash makes the soup taste quite sweet and the stock gives it a savoury… [Read More]

Crisp cornish mackerel with rhubard relish, sea kale and pea shoot salad

This is a clever way to cook with mackerel and looks so impressive. It uses an unusual seasonal ingredient, sea kale. Even non fish lovers will like this. This is one of the dishes that they will teach you at the new B&H Kitchen Cooking School. Headed up by Chef Adam Gray who champions seasonal British ingredients, he has put together a string of interesting cooking classes for all levels…. [Read More]

Shaksuka Baked Eggs

Shaksuka is an Israeli Breakfast dish of baked eggs with a zingy tomato sauce. It’s such a simple dish but so satisfying. Keep the yolks runny and serve with some bread to mop up the sauce

Salt and Vinegar Cured Mackerel from Bryn’s Kitchen

Salt and Vinegar Cured Mackerel recipe using Welsh Halen Mon sea salt by Bryn Williams of Odette’s in Primrose Hill . It’s a simple and delicious way to serve fresh mackerel and no cooking is required!

Sake Poached Pears

Here is a twist on the normal poached pears recipe. Instead of using red wine which makes those stunning red pear  jewels, here I use sake to infuse a different flavour and keeps the pears a natural colour. In this recipe I used a bit of orange zest, and cinnamon for the added flavour notes. You can add alternative spices like ginge, star anise or cardamon if you fancy. I… [Read More]

Triple Orange Gin Mare Cocktail #ATasteofTravel

Being a mixologist has never been on the top of my list of potential slashie personas. I do quite like to tinker with recipes.  Celebrity Cruises sent me some of the ingredients to make this cocktail for their #ATasteofTravel campaign. Here is what it looks like: Gin Mare is a unique Spanish gin made in a small fishing village on the Costa Dorada. It’s a “Mediterranean” gin made with infused with… [Read More]

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