The New House of Ho Fitzrovia

House of Ho serves up Vietnamese & South East Asian cuisine in a modern, and refined style. If you want delicious Asian food in a lovely setting, go here.

The Meat Co Steaks Afican Style and the secret sauce

The Meat Co is a South African Steakhouse in London serving great steaks with a secret sauce, Go for the surf and turf with the giant prawns.

Sunday Selection : Chocolate coconut water, Bioglan superfood, Wasabi Rocket

If you like coconut water, you will like this new chocolate flavour from Vita Coco. You don’t taste the coconut water as it is now overshadowed by the addition of chocolate. It tastes like chocolate milk without the dairy. It comes in both the handy hand bag size and the full size cartons. Try it out.   Bioglan has just launched a new range of superfoods that you can use… [Read More]

Street Food Union Rupert Street Soho

Street Food Union is situated on the site of a Victorian market on Rupert Street in Soho. In a typically quaint London fashion, their license is based on old Victorian market regulations. What you will find is a curated group of street food vendors who are selected for their quality, authenticity and diversity. Very conveniently located just off Shaftesbury Avenue, you can stop here for lunch on Wednesdays to Fridays, from… [Read More]

New Menu at Bunny Chow #streetfood

Bunny Chow that opened their shopfront in Soho last year has had a revamp. Their menu has changed from our first visit and the choices have gone all healthy. Now you can order a Yoga Bunny (Matcha Green tea bread), a Gym Bunny (Wholemeal bread) or even a Happy Bunny (Charcoal bread). The choice of fillings have changed too. You can now get Chakalaka Chicken, Bobotie meatballs and pulled pork… [Read More]

Comforting soups for fast days

Since I usually work from home, you would think that I would have a lot of time to cook healthy lunches. Most of the time, I am so engrossed in whatever project that I am doing that I always opt for the quickest solution. Here is one of my favourite quick and nutritious solutions, fresh chilled soups by Glorious Foods. All the Glorious Soups are made with fresh ingredients and… [Read More]

Clever ways with eggs at the Bad Egg

Bad Egg is Neil Rankin’s an all day diner in The City where he champions egg dishes. On the menu, he also features Korean dishes and BBQ flavours. In a recent collaboration with British Lion Eggs, he came up with these fab egg dishes, suitable for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Together with Jenni Falconer, they shared talked at the We had this crab frittata. which a had a light souffle-like… [Read More]

Fine Dining Chinese at the Chinese Cricket Club

The Chinese Cricket Club is not really a cricket club. It is the name for a Chinese restaurant at the Crowne Plaza in Blackfriars, named after a club that the owner belongs to. From it’s separate entrance, you get a hint of the cuisine by the two golden lions at the door. The decor inside is much more generic, more like a hotel coffee shop with no oriental features. The… [Read More]

London Noodle Shops that you need to know

Discover more of London’s top noodle shops. From Vietnamese Bun to Burmese Khao Swe to Malaysian Laksa. Check out this list.

Eat the world in London

We are so lucky in London. Being the City that all the world wants to visit and buy a home in, we attract so many nationalities. With this comes a whole host of restaurants with food from all over the world. We don’t have to jump on a plane to be able to sample the best ceviche, shakshuka or ramen. It’s all here within the M25. Here is a selection… [Read More]

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