Sunday Selection: Gusto Cola, Camelina Oil

gusto cola

This week’s selection includes 2 new products I’ve recently encountered. Gusto Cola  Gusto Cola is created by founder of Green and Blacks. This is the worlds’ first organic low calorie fairtrade cola. It is their own blend of organic spices and essential oils with real African cola nut. Instead of just sugar, they us organic Stevia leaf extract, organic agave inulin and organic fairtrade cane sugar. Each can is 49… [Read More]

Tasting Lisa McGuigan Wines at Gaucho club

lisa mcguigan wine matching dinner

Argentinian steaks and a few bottles of Australian reds make for a great night out. Lisa McGuigan wines hosted a tasting at the Gaucho Club recently to introduce her wines in conjunction with London Wine Week. Lisa, a fourth generation winemaker from the Hunter Valley, was on hand to tell us her story of how she built up her wine business. Lisa McGuigan Wines Lisa McGuigan is an unusual, daring and… [Read More]

Summer Spanish Style at Iberica La Terrazza Canary Wharf

Iberica La Terrazzqa

Every summer, Iberica takes over a corner of Cabot Square and turns it into a stylish al fresco tapas bar. This year, they are serving a fun menu of Pinchos and Tapas. We got to try this menu the other evening with a few jugs of Cava Sangria and a crazy demonstration of drinking from a Spanish Porron. How to drink wine from a #spanish Porron @ibericarestaurants #ibericalaterraza #instavideo A… [Read More]

A Chocolate Breakfast at Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Hot Chocolate

A Chocolate Breakfast at Rococo Chocolates features Hot Chocolate, Power Granola with cocoa nibs, Billionair’s Shortbread and the most delicious Salted Caramel Chocolate Spread

Yauatcha City Launch Party in Pictures

Yauatcha City Broadgate Circle

Yauatcha City launched with a fab party at their new Broadgate Circle location. The beautiful people gathered, champagne and cocktails were flowing and trays of delectable dim sum and patisseries were sampled. Yauatcha City has taken over this great space on the first floor of Broadgate Circle. Previously the home of a wine bar. When I worked in Broadgate, it was a very busy after work haunt. This is the… [Read More]

Fatburger opens in Camden

fatburger camden town london

London’s love affair with American Hamburgers is carrying on unabated. This week sees the opening of another cult Californian burger chain, Fatburger in Camden Town. It’s on a side street on the way to Camden Lock, next to a Byron and a diner. As you can see from the image above, they are already all over the world. So how will it fair in the very busy burger restaurant space… [Read More]

Krispy Kreme Launches limited edition Choco Mania

Krispy Kreme Chocomania Doughnuts

My first introduction to Krispy Kreme was in San Francisco in the early days when the Krispy Kreme fan club was at its height in California. My friends there were aghast that I had never tasted one. They were insistent on me trying it so we drove about 30 minutes out of town to the nearest outlet in Daly City to rectify this. A new obsession was born. It was… [Read More]

Eating Piada in Soho

Piada Bar Soho

A favourite Emilio Romagno street food sandwich, classically filled with parma ham, melted mozzarella and rocket. Don’t miss the hot melting Nutella one too.

Wild Elderflower Spritz for the Summer

Wild Elderflower Spritz

Wild Drinks just launched their Wild Elderflower Spritz drink in the UK. What’s in the bottle? A bit of Perry, a bit of Gin and elderflower. It really tastes of an English Summer. It has an ABV of 5.4%, less than a glass of wine so don’t feel guilty about indulging. This would be great to take along to a summer picnic, take to a festival or even in your… [Read More]

Better tasting tea with soft water and clean filtered water from Kinetico

Tea made with hard and soft water

Kinetico’s water softener helps you make better tasting tea, is kind on your skin and saves your boiler and appliances. Their new Kube Water filter filters our lead, mercury and microbial cysts (nasty organisms)from your tap water.

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