Tapas, Flamenco, Iphone6 with Three

Seafood Paella at Bar Gansa

Flamenco Dancing Lessons Dancing is something I love but really am pretty useless at. Flamenco Dancing is definitely something that I didn’t think I’d be able to do. It’s looks for graceful and way too fast and complicated. When Three Mobile invited me along to their Spanish themed event to announce the launch of adding Spain to their “Feel at Home” programme, I couldn’t say no learning Flamenco. Our Flamenco… [Read More]

HKK Innovative Chinese New Year Menu

HKK Chinese Trio of Dumplings

To celebrate Chinese New Year in style in London, there are not many places that can present a special menu like HKK has done. They have modernised Chinese cooking techniques from around China and with that created a culinary journey that will delight your all your senses.

Ribs and Chicken Wings The Joint Marylebone

The joint Marylebone BBQ Ribs

Are buffalo wings the new new thing in London? We are seeing more and more Deep South inspired BBQ places springing up all over London. The Joint in Marylebone is one of those. Having started as a pop up in Brixton in 2012 by Warren Dean and Daniel Fiteni, it is now a grown up restaurant in Central London. The place has that industrial chic cool factor with unfinished walls,… [Read More]

L’ETO Caffe launches a dinner menu in Knighstbridge

L'eto Caffe Knightsbridge

L’eto Caffe is a chain that is growing around London. It is one of those new style cafes that serves ala carte lunches and dinners besides the cakes and salads on display. This new branch in Knightsbridge along Brompton Road caters to the shoppers and the locals who  like to linger for a cup of coffee. Their stunningly colourful display of cakes in the window draws the crowds in. Following… [Read More]

Exploring Macau’s Fusion Cuisine at A Wong

Gambas a Macau, Macau prawns at A Wong

Londoners, here’s a chance to Taste Macau. We get to experience this unique centuries old fusion cuisine at  A Wong where Macanese Foopd Ambassador Florita Alves has collaboration with Andrew Wong to create an 8 course tasting menu. The Macau Tourism Board held a lunch to preview this menu recently.  At A Wong, the main dining room is packed and oddly,  I catch a few odd snatches of Cantonese conversations. It appears… [Read More]

Carnaby Street Eat Food Festival 20 July

Carnaby Street Eat Oysters at Wright Brothers

Carnaby Street was a real hotspot in the 60′s when it was a centre for fashion and music of the Swinging 60s. Today, it is a pedestrianised shopping area with lots of quirky boutiques and a lot of restaurants and bars. Veer away from the main stretch and explore the side streets where you will find some artisanal fashion designers and eccentric English shops. Carnaby StreetEat Food Festival On Sunday… [Read More]

Port and Chocolate Matching at Churchill’s Port House

Churchills White Port Served cold as an aperitif

Churchill’s Port House in Soho is undoubtedly London’s most unusual and unique pop up. It’s the brainchild of Max Graham whose family owns Churchill Port (first British Port wine company in 50 years) with the intention of bringing Port to a new audience and to demystify Port. Most people associate Port as a fuddy duddy drink that only appears at the end of indulgent formal dinners and the tradition of passing… [Read More]

Seasonal British menus at Spaghetti House

Gluten free gnochi

All your old Italian favourites and some new modern Italian/British dishes served with warm Italian hospitality can be found at the regionally Spaghetti House. The pasta is always al dente and all dishes are individually prepared. I am glad to have found it again. It’s time other people rediscover them. A true London classic

Hixter’s Rapeseed Oil Menu with Hillfarm Oils

Hillfarm Rapeseed Oil Hixter

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am a bit geeky about some food products and am partial to healthy ingredients and like to think of food as medicine. While researching healthier fats a while back, I read that a good alternative cooking oil was cold pressed rapeseed oil as it has a much higher Omega 3 than other vegetable oils and a… [Read More]

Layla Lebanese in Wimbledon Village

05-Layla Wimbledon (10)

Wimbledon Village is quite off the beaten path for a lot of people, especially if you don’t live around this part of town. There are quite a few good restaurants in the area if you are looking for a nice place for a good meal. Layla sits in the middle of the main thoroughfare through the village and it offers an upmarket Lebanese dining experience. The front of the restaurant… [Read More]

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