Tapas, Flamenco, Iphone6 with Three

Seafood Paella at Bar Gansa

Flamenco Dancing Lessons Dancing is something I love but really am pretty useless at. Flamenco Dancing is definitely something that I didn’t think I’d be able to do. It’s looks for graceful and way too fast and complicated. When Three Mobile invited me along to their Spanish themed event to announce the launch of adding Spain to their “Feel at Home” programme, I couldn’t say no learning Flamenco. Our Flamenco… [Read More]

Hong Kong Chinese Cooking at the School of Wok

Hong Kong cooking School of Wok

Hong Kong is one my favourite cities in the world for a gourmets holiday. It is not only the best place for amazing Chinese restaurants, but they have some top Japanese, European and International restaurants with Michelin stars too. From my time living in Hong Kong as an expat years ago, I found that they take their food very seriously. On my trips to Hong Kong, much like my other… [Read More]

Get Wagyu Beef in Economy Class? On Qantas you can

qantas flight attendant

So Qantas has just launched their new innovative Economy Class meals where Wagyu beef can be found as one the meal options. So what is different with these new meals.This is the result of a 12 months of research with suppliers and passengers. I have never flown with Qantas so I can’t compare with what they used to serve before. Firstly, they have done away with those trays that have… [Read More]

My foodie guide to San Francisco

San-Francisco-Foodie-Map-Eat Cook Explore-Virgin Atlantic

I love San Francisco. I have been there so many times and I discover new food trends and places to eat on every single trip. It’s such a multi cultural city and has that unique Californian take on food, leaning heavily on their Pacific Rim influences. On my most recent trip where I spent a month traipsing around town, I found quite a few local food places to add to… [Read More]

Skiing in the Catalonian Pyrenees

Port Aine ski resort Catalonia

Being on top of a snow covered mountain against a backdrop of brilliant blue skies, serene silence and a view of snow covered mountain tops give you an immense sense of peace. It is one of the reasons why I love skiing so much. The other is the absolute thrill of speeding down a ski run over fresh powder and the buzz from conquering a steep run. Skiing is one… [Read More]

Live Blogging: San Francisco and the Bay Area

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

This is a live blog that will be updated as I travel around the Bay Area. I am spending a few weeks exploring San Francisco and the Bay Area. The images below are some of the places I have been to and all the places that I have been eating in. Full reviews will follow. But first, one of the many views of the Golden Gate Bridge that I took… [Read More]

Chinese New Year Traditions and Celebrations in London

Chinese New Year Celebrations in London

It’s the Year of the Horse on 31 Jan 2014 and celebration goes on for 15 days until the next full moon. What does this mean for you? You can read you Chinese horoscope here. Chinese New Year Traditions A lot of the traditions are based on superstition and myth. Through the years, this has all evolved to common practices that people follow blindly as that is the way it… [Read More]

A New York Itinerary

I have not been to New York in a while but will be off there in the next couple of months. Usually when I travel, I do a lot of research beforehand and create a long list of must see, must eat and must dos. When Air France ran their competition recently, I tweeted a bunch of these mini itineraries and one of these tweets won me a flight to… [Read More]

Visiting San Francisco – Mini Itineraries

San Francisco is one of my favourite US Cities. I have been there quite a few times over the years and each time I try to discover something new to see and do. I usually spend my time in San Francisco as a local and don’t tend to do a lot of touristy things. But if you are visiting for a first time, here are some of my suggestions. These… [Read More]

The Winchester Christmas Market


The smell of cloves and cinnamon waft in the air and it immediately evokes memories of Christmas trees, log fires and all the lovely seasonal things that December brings. This is the smell that enveloped us as we walked into the Winchester Christmas Market. The source of this spicy scent were the huts selling Christmas wreaths, decorations and mulled wine at the entrance to the market. All these huts were… [Read More]

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