Grazing Asia Supper Club at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen

What is Grazing Asia?
Over yet another meal, the idea to host a joint Asian Supper Club was hatched. Over the last few days, emails were exchanged and a meeting was held, over a meal of course, a name was coined (Thanks Danny), the concept was defined and the menu was decided.

Who are Grazing Asia?
On the Grazing Asia team are:

me – @SlowFoodKitchen
MiMi – @Meemalee
Luiz – @TheLondonFoodie
Uyen – @LoveLeluu

The Grazing Asia team is made up of a collaboration of 4 different British Asian food bloggers of different nationalities (Vietnamese, Japanese, Burmese and Malaysian).

Two of whom have been featured internationally for their cooking skills/supperclubs:

Uyen Luu who runs Fernandez and Leluu Supperclub
Luiz Hara who runs the London Cooking Club

Grazing Asia Events:
The first event is on 19th June 2011, and will be held at Jamie Oliver’s Test Kitchens at Fifteen. All proceeds from this event will be for Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation.

For this event specifically we are being joined by Jamie Oliver’s website editor Danny McCubbin.

To book tickets, news on upcoming events and all sorts of other goodies, head over to our new website and also follow us on Twitter @GrazingAsia

Am so thrilled to be part of this Supper Club with this dynamic team of food bloggers but am a wee bit apprehensive to have to cook for so many people. Hope to see you at one of the events soon.

Grazing Asia Supperclub


  1. I can’t wait!

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