Massimo Bottura Recipe for Veal Cheeks and Magnum of Foie Gras

Here are the recipes for some of the delights we sampled at the Birra Moretti event the other day created by the 2 Michelin star chef, Massimo Bottura

VEAL CHEEKS in lager, balsamic vinegar and chlorophyll

The cheeks

4 veal cheeks

100 g of celery carrot and onion

2 litres of Birra Moretti La Rossa, reduced by 50%

20 ml of stock

Traditional Villa Manodori extra-aged balsamic vinegar

Pure extra virgin olive oil

Vacuum-cook the cheeks at 68° C for 30 hours with the beer, celery, carrot and onion reduction

The puree

200 g of fingerling potatoes

50 g white cow butter

100 of white cow’s whole milk

Extra virgin oil and Villa Manodori olive oil

veal cheeks

Cook the fingerling potatoes, peel them and mash them. Place them in a copper saucepan with some Modena white butter (better if fresh) and white whole milk.

Assemble using the Bamix, drizzling on the extra virgin olive oil.

Add salt to taste.

The beer-based balsamic reduction

Strain the cooking liquid from the cheeks and reduce slowly until creamy in consistency with a very intense aroma, adding the traditional Modena balsamic vinegar and salt to taste.

The intense CHLOROPHYLL crème

100 g of parsley

30 g of basil

20 g of watercress

Heat the water to 75 degrees and allow the herbs to infuse for sixty seconds.

Strain and cool quickly in water and ice. Dry carefully with cotton towel and put in refrigerator for two hours. Whisk with 100 cc of mineral water and strain overnight at refrigerator temperature.

Magnum of Foie Gras

400 g of duck foie gras

2 l of milk

30 ml of Birra Moretti Lager

1 cinnamon stick

10 g of cloves

30 g of Noto almonds, bitter and sweet

30 d of Piedmont hazelnuts

50 g of sugar

2 cl of water

1\2 a vanilla pod

The peel of half an orange

Traditional extra-aged balsamic vinegar

Fleur de sel

(sorry for the poor quality of the pics, my flash was not working properly.)

Soak the liver in the milk, at 30 degrees temperature, for a couple of hours. Remove and dry.

Clean the liver, delicately separating the lobes and remove the connective tissue from the larger veins without ruining the meat. In the meantime, reduce the beer on the heat by 50%, before cooling it in the blast chiller.

Allow the cleaned liver to marinate in the beer reduction and the spices for 6 hours.

Remove from the marinade and all excess moisture to drip away. Mould it into a terrine, then insert it into a vacuum bag and cook in the Roner for around 35 minutes at 55°.

Remove from the Roner and cool in the blast chiller to 2 degrees, before allowing to rest for at least two days in the refrigerator. Boil the water with the sugar, vanilla and orange peel. Immerse the almonds and hazelnuts into the syrup, drain them, place them on a silicon mat and dust with fleur de sel. Place them in an oven until thoroughly crystallised (200° for a few minutes).

Use a hot knife blade, prepare by cutting the terrine into two parallelepipeds around 8 cm long, 4 wide and 1.5 high. Under pressure, cover the six surfaces of the liver with the sweet/salted almonds after inserting the vinegar inside the terrine, using a cinnamon stick. Finally, insert the stick of ice-cream into the opposite side.

Recipe by Massimo Bottura ©


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