Nduja Cooking Club at The London Foodie

A perfect recipe for a leisurely Sunday is a warm kitchen, lots of friends around a table laden with fabulous home cooking. Recently, The London Foodie hosted another London Cooking Club and theme was not around a cuisine but an ingredient, Nduja. This year seems to be the year of the nduja. It seems to be everywhere now and it’s even recently been featured on BBC’s Something For the Weekend where they made Nduja Hash.

Nduja London Cooking Club

Nduja is a spicy sausage from Calabria and is traditonally made with fat, offal and lots of chilli. Due to it’s s high fat content, it melts when heated so it works best when used in recipes to spice up a sauce of just to spread on a piece of toast. It’s an incredibly versatile ingredient.

Nduja London Cooking Club

Unearthed, a company that sources interesting products from Europe and beyond to introduce to the British public has added Nduja to their list of offerings. The inspiration for this cooking club came about after the recent nduja recipe challenge. The menu for the cooking club includes some of the recipes that were submitted to the competition and some extras to round off the menu.


Spicy Nduja Palmier
(Prepared by May – Slow Food Kitchen)

Unearthed Mezze Platter
(Prepared by Unearthed)

Nduja London Cooking Club


Linguine with Nduja, Cherry Tomatoes & Basil
(Prepared by Fede – Pasta Bites)

Nduja London Cooking Club


Pan-Fried Cod on Butter Beans and Nduja with a Lemon and Sage Dressing
(Prepared by Luiz & Rosana – The London Foodie & Hot and Chilli)

Nduja London Cooking Club

Pimp My Piri Piri Poussin
(Prepared by Qin & Nic – In Pursuit of Food and Cherrapeno)

Nduja London Cooking Club


Buttered Samphire & Crispy Roast Potatoes
(Prepared by Luiz & Rosana – The London Foodie & Hot and Chilli)

Greek Salad
(Prepared by Sian – Domestic Sluttery)


Lemon Posset
(Prepared by Cassey – A Girl Has to Eat)

My favourite dish from this menu was the” Pan-Fried Cod on Butter Beans and Nduja with a Lemon and Sage Dressing” which was served with the very moreish bean stew what went with the fish.

As per the usual London Cooking Club tradition, there was way too much food. As some of these dishes were really substantial and it was like having 3 full meals in one seating. Do try some of these nduja recipes or make up your own recipe with Nduja which is available from major supermarkets or check out their website for more outlets.

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