New burger joint BRGR Soho

Another week, another new burger joint. This time it is BRGR in Soho. It is an expansion of a chain from Lebanon, strangely enough.

I was there on the first week. There was a queue at the door and a buzzy if cramped dining room. There are a few casual tables as you walk in, an open kitchen on the right where the burgers are cooked and second dining room at the back. There are also a few seats in the window to maximise the seating in this small space.

BRGR Soho Burgers

I dropped by for a quick lunch en route to a meeting. They squeezed me into the last free seat by the window felt by being wedged in by a shoe horn. There is no where to hang your coat or a handbag which is a big minus in my books. It felt like I was practically sitting on top of the tables behind me. Must have been uncomfortable for them.

I promptly ordered the 6oz Gourmet Signature BRGR (6.95 without the extras) and a Lebanese home made lemonade. The waitress informed me that the meat for the burgers are from the Duke of Buccleuch estate in Scotland. This sounds grand but doesn’t tell me much about breed or welfare. I guess at this price range, that could be asking for too much.

The head chef from Lebanon came over to train the new brigade in “brgrology” and to mix up their secret recipe for the burger patties which is made up of their bespoke blend of cuts. The meat patties are made up of hanger steak, rib eye, etc although this is not disclosed on the menu.

BRGR Soho Burgers

I didn’t order any sides as they were all enormous and way too much for one person at lunch time. They had a choice of chips, cheesy chips onions rings, the usual stuff.

BRGR Soho Burgers

The meat, served in glazed brioche, was served medium rare and was quite nice and chunky, good meaty flavour, well seasoned but drips all over the trendy tray that it is served on as you eat it. As far as burgers go it’s not bad, unlike the opinion of other reviewers on the net. Maybe because the boss was in the kitchen.

For the price I prefer Byron.

187 Wardour Street,
London W1F 8ZB

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3.5 / 5 stars     


  1. New burger joint BRGR Soho via @SlowFoodKitchen

  2. New burger joint BRGR Soho via @SlowFoodKitchen

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