Magners sponsored BBQ Champ kicks off on ITV

Tired of cooking shows? Here is a similar cooking competition format focussed on BBQs, using clever ways to cook over wood, fire and charcoal, BBQ Champ sponsored by Irish Cider company Magners. They don’t use just any BBQ, no gas is allowed anywhere, just wood and charcoal. BBQ has caught on in a massive way in London in the last couple of years. The UK is the fifth largest BBQ… [Read More]

The best of London in 5 restaurants

  Anyone will tell you that if you have a taste for the world, there is no better city than London to experience vast variety and quality of food. Known for its diversity and culture, the city is nothing shy of great places to eat, from French to Italian, and Thai to Mexican. Below is a hand-picked list of London’s finest restaurants for you to explore. Hunan Established in 1982,… [Read More]

Afternoon Tea Week Launch at St Ermin’s Hotel

I just love afternoon tea. Not just for the usually fabulous assortment of patisseries and cakes but for the fine teas that are served alongside. I used to spend every weekend traipsing around London trying out all sorts of places for tea. From 5 star hotels, to European cake shops to little tea rooms around London, I have probably done them all. It is quite fun to discover new places… [Read More]

Hop Vietnamese Street Eats Broadgate

Broadgate used to be a really bad place to find lunch. When I used to work there, we used to regularly order in bento boxes from a special Japanese catering company, one of the only alternatives to the sandwich bar. Today, Broadgate there are so many choices for lunch, especially with the revamped shops in Broadgate Circle. Hop Vietnamese Street Eats is another new casual eatery/ takeaway in Broadgate. They serve… [Read More]

Sabel Food Pop Up

A couple of weeks ago I was defending food in London to a couple of French people. They were insisting that there is nothing good about the London  restaurant scene. If I had met them after this dinner, I would have pointed them this way. Sabel Food’s pop up is a showcase of what is exciting about eating out in London. They served up a creative modern British menu with… [Read More]

Revisiting Trader Vics for the Independence Day Menu

Trader Vics, it’s back in fashion, for cocktails or Polynesian food. If you haven’t been there in a while, then it might be time for a revisit. Watch out for their new menu, with more dishes from their wood fire oven.

Sunday Selection: Gusto Cola, Camelina Oil

This week’s selection includes 2 new products I’ve recently encountered. Gusto Cola  Gusto Cola is created by founder of Green and Blacks. This is the worlds’ first organic low calorie fairtrade cola. It is their own blend of organic spices and essential oils with real African cola nut. Instead of just sugar, they us organic Stevia leaf extract, organic agave inulin and organic fairtrade cane sugar. Each can is 49… [Read More]

Tasting Lisa McGuigan Wines at Gaucho club

Argentinian steaks and a few bottles of Australian reds make for a great night out. Lisa McGuigan wines hosted a tasting at the Gaucho Club recently to introduce her wines in conjunction with London Wine Week. Lisa, a fourth generation winemaker from the Hunter Valley, was on hand to tell us her story of how she built up her wine business. Lisa McGuigan Wines Lisa McGuigan is an unusual, daring and… [Read More]

Wine Tasting with Oz Clark at Celebrity Cruises’ Lawn Club Popup for #LondonWineWeek

During the recent London Wine Week, Celebrity Cruises hosted a wine tasting event with Oz Clark. He picked a selection from the 500 wines available from the Celebrity wine library and took the group on a tasting journey. Oz is a very funny speaker and he brought a new appreciation to the wines we tasted. The event was set up like a picnic to emulate the Lawn Club that is… [Read More]

Fennel and Orange Salad with Manuka Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

A colourful idea for a summer salad. This zingy and colourful fennel and orange salad dressed with a Manuka Honey and Mustard Vinaigrette is a really refreshing salad with nice crunchy textures.

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