Celebrating Mexican Day of the Dead at Wahaca’s Fiesta

Many cultures around the world honour their dead relatives and ancestors with celebrations or ceremonies.  In the Philipinnes, they build elaborate homes in cemeteries and families spend their weekends there.The Chinese celebrate the Hungry Ghost in the 7th lunar month. The Celts would offer food and drinks to appease spirits who are believed to return on All Hallows Eve, now known as Halloween. In Mexico. they celebrate the Day of the… [Read More]

Malaysian Chilli Crab Recipe

This is one of those ultra memorable dishes that a lot of visitors to Malaysia rave about. There are a lot of seafood restaurants in Malaysia. These are commonly neighbourhood restaurants, quite basic, sometimes open air and have plastic table cloths. The menus at these places are usually just a simple list of shellfish available that day from Sri Lankan to Indonesian crabs to local prawns, all sold by the… [Read More]

French Goats cheese, bacon and Sweet Potato Rosti

Rosti is one of my go to comfort food dishes. The combination of potatoes, onion and bacon is hard to beat. It’s really easy to make and can be served as a light meal or as a side dish. I was sent some French goats cheese to create a recipe with and this is the result, a Sweet Potato and  Bacon Rosti. I substituted sweet potatoes to give it a… [Read More]

Simplicity delivered at Pizza Union Spitalfields

Sometimes, you just crave for something simple. Here at Pizza Union, the concept is simple. A short menu with a few salads and starters is extended by a choice of wood fired pizzas. You place  your food and drinks order at the counter and then find a seat. A few short minutes later, your buzzer goes off signalling that your order is ready. This Pizza Union is the one in… [Read More]

Mad about skiing – A ski resorts roundup

I do love skiing. I have been skiing for quite a few years, much longer than I have been blogging. I don’t have a lot of pictures from the earlier ski trips but I do have some insights and opinions of the places I have skied before. Here is the roundup of some ski resorts from around the world : Skiing in France Learning to ski in France is great as you… [Read More]

Muga’s delicious Miso Ramen

I was mourning the loss of the Ramen Shop in the basement of the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Picadilly. They used to serve the most authentic and best ramen in town. I’m so glad to say that there is a new contender, Muga. This little shop opened without the fanfare like those new ramen places in Soho and has not had much social media hype. They are in the heart… [Read More]

Slow Cooker Braised Pork Belly

As the weather changes and the its getting colder, time to bring out the slow cooker to make some comforting food. This Slow Cooker Braised Pork Belly recipe is a Chinese family favourite, very simple to cook and great for dinner parties. Here I am using my new Crockpot which has a 4l capacity and is more than enough to make this recipe. I like the removable stoneware bowl that… [Read More]

Fish Fingers 60th Anniversary Menu at One-O-One Restaurant

It’s the humble fish finger’s 60th Birthday! Who knew that this kiddie favourite has been around for that long. The team at One-O-One have designed a Birthday menu just to celebrate this anniversary. If you have not heard, One-O-One is a the best fish restaurant in London that you have probably never heard of. It is so named because it is housed in the Park Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge. The… [Read More]

Making sushi with Sushi Shop Marylebone

I love eating sushi and quite enjoy making it too. When I try to make it at home, it always turns into a real mess, with sticky rice everywhere. I have since picked up a few tips about making sushi from a few lessons and the mess is significantly reduced but my efforts are by no means refined. Properly made sushi is such a beautiful thing. Restaurants that serve sushi… [Read More]

Chocolate and Wine Tasting for National Chocolate Week

It’s National Chocolate Week and a great way to celebrate the event is holding a Chocolate and Wine tasting dinner. If you have not thought about it, this is a great way to enjoy these two indulgences. The Chocolate dinner  party menu was as follows: Starter A glass of prosecco and a simple starter of white chocolate spiked baba ghanoush. Main Course Slow Cooker Chicken Mole paired with the Château Liversan… [Read More]

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