Simply Korean with a free facial at Assa

Continuing on my Korean culinary journey I went for my Kim Chi fix at Assa near Tottenham Court Road. This is a tiny little Korean place which seems to be full of students and very busy. On a wet and rainy autumn evening, this was the perfect comfort food, even though it was stinking rotting cabbage as @FoodUrchin calls it. We had a short wait and was seated next to the kitchen. A short while after, we had to share our table with another couple which was a bit crowded, but it’s that kind of a place.

Every table had on it a gas burner and big steaming wok of hot soup. So that is what we ordered too. I did ask for the Korean name but I didn’t quite get it. Our vat of Kim Chi soup came loaded with vegetables like mushrooms, courgettes, spring onions and topped with some potato noodles.

The recipe is basically similar to the Kimchi Jigae but much more soupy and came with a serving of beef bulgogi. We were given complimentary side dishes of bean sprouts and seaweed and a couple of bowls of rice.

Assa Tottenham Court Road

It takes a few minutes for pot to boil and when it does you get a face full of steam.The table is so small, you can’t really get far away enough from the hot pot. So ladies, don’t come in full make up before a night out, it will all be steamed off!

All the food is prepared at the back in this tiny open kitchen. The whole place is tizzy with activity.

Assa Tottenham Court Road

The service is quick and frantic, the food it honest and very reasonable. Dinner for 2 came to £20 with drinks and service. Great value for a quick and delicious Korean meal.

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