Spicy Ramen has landed in Soho Tonkotsu

On some grey and muggy London days, there is nothing more comforting than a bowl of hot soupy noodles. A new Ramen place has hit London. Tonkotsu is an offshoot of The Tsuru chain.

As it is still in soft opening mode, the menu is simple , just a few starters and a choice if ramen for the soft opening, there was just 2 flavours.

For starters we had the prawn and pork gyoza, the tofu, a salad and a very tasty chicken karaage.

Tonkotsu Ramen Soho London

I then had the spicy Tokyo Ramen in a 15 hour pork bones based broth and my friend had the miso and shimeji mushroom ramen. both were served on enormous bowls and were quite substantial.

Tonkotsu Tokyo Ramen Soho London

Tokyo Ramen

The hand made noodles had a good bite. Pots of chilli oil are in the table in case you wanted to chilli up your soup.

The space in ‘Tonkotsu is narrow with a counter and 4 seats in front of the open kitchen. A few tables in the back room and more seating upstairs. The best seats are of course the seats at the counter where you can watch them make the noodles and also keep an eye at the entrance of the Groucho Club and do some celebrity spotting.

This is a nice addition to Soho and would be great for a quick meal. Social media buzz is already driving the crowds to this new place as there were a lot of people waiting on the night we were there. I am waiting for them to launch their London ramen, which is going to be a bacon and eggs flavour-a big bowl of ramen with a slab of  smoke bacon. That sounds like a winner to me already.
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Slow Food Kitchen was a guest of Tonkotsu



  1. dodicidodici says:

    Love the idea of the bacon and egg flavour! I hope they keep the egg as good as it is now.  My review is here 

    • London Food Blogger says:

      Serena, loved your review and great pics too. I am sure it will be great and I can’t wait to try it.


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