A Cake Fit For a Queen with Eric Lanlard

When cake maker extraordinaire, Eric Lanlard, wants to challenge you to decorate a cake for the Queen’s Birthday, you just have to say yes. This is how I ended up in a kitchen in North London, playing with butter icing and edible glitter, trying to decorate a cake. I have never actually learnt how to do this before. All I have done is mess around with some slap dash chocolate… [Read More]

Norfolk Treacle Tart

The history of the treacle tart Treacle Tart is one of my favourite puddings and is also Harry Potter’s favourite too. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love this sticky sweet pudding too. It is said to have originated sometime in the late 1800’s after the invention of Golden Syrup in 1883. Even though the name suggests that treacle is used, the modern day recipe that we are… [Read More]

Lemon and Clotted Cream Scones

Scones are my favourite afternoon tea treat. Here is an easy recipe for Mini Lemon and Clotted Cream Scones. Using lemon zest to flavour the scones and topped with lemon curd and clotted cream. Serve this with a pot of loose leaf tea served in bone china cups. Perfect.

Bruce Bogtrotter’s Rich Chocolate Cake #MatildaBakeOff

Who is this Bruce Bogtrotter you ask. If you did, you probably did not read Roald Dahl’s book called Matilda. Bruce is a boy  in Matilda’s class who got caught eating the headmistress’ chocolate cake. As a punishment, he was forced to eat the whole cake in front of the class. This cake has been made famous in Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes. Matilda is about a young girl who loves to read…. [Read More]

Gluten Free Spiced Orange and Almond cake

In the frenzy leading up to Christmas, my friend and I were inspired to make some of the dishes from Tom Kerridge’s Christmas programme. One of those dishes was this gluten free spiced orange cake made with almond flour. Watching him do it on the tele made it look really easy. We gathered all the ingredients and late on Christmas Eve we decided to start making this. Here is where… [Read More]

Mich Turner simple cake decorating tips from Cake School

Mich Turner has been running the Little Venice Cake Company since 1999. Her stunning new book, Mich Turner’s Cake School, Expert tuition from the Master Cake Maker, has just been published. Its full of beautiful pictures of cakes, her favourite cake recipes and some very useful baking tips. Get it for £20.50 from Amazon (free delivery over £25 or Amazon Prime),  £19.99 from Lakeland (you can collect in store or free delivery over… [Read More]

Baking Brioche at Le Pain Quotidien

Love the baked goods at Le Pain Quotidien? Great news as the have just started offering baking classes. I went along to try out one of these classes. I do like to bake but I don’t do it that often. I can do a lot of the basic techniques like rubbing in but have not mastered any of the more complicated techniques. As I like to tweak recipes instead of… [Read More]

Festive Chocolate Gingerbread Brownies

So this year, Vanessa Kimball has organised for Rococo Chocolates to host her Let’s Make Christmas gift swap. The idea is that you make something according to the theme and bring it along to be entered into a competition. Then you pick a gift from all the goodies that have been brought along while having some tea, mulled wine and lovely baked goods for tea. This year’s theme was chocolate… [Read More]

Chocolate Cheesecake with Russell Hobbs Creations Kitchen Machine

Baking, I don’t do it often enough and if I did, I would have to buy a new wardrobe. I do love baking though, not just the wonder of seeing a recipe come together but the lovely smells wafting through the flat. This week I made a Chocolate Cheesecake. This was for a Bake Off bloggers’ challenge hosted by Russell Hobbs using their new “Creations Kitchen Machine”. This is a… [Read More]

Malaysian Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple tarts are little short crust pastry tarts with home made pineapple jam. In Malaysia, these are made for special ocassions like Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya (Eid). Families used to make it but in this age of “I don’t know how she does it”, we tend to buy them from the many cottage industry vendors in town. I made these for Vanessa Kimbell’s Let’s Make Christmas bloggers’… [Read More]

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