Mustard Dining – your casual neighbourhood British Restaurant

  It’s a wonder that not more restaurants and chefs have done more to champion local produce at a more accessible level. In London, we have so many new restaurants that serve really great food but at a price. A newcomer has changed that. Mustard Restaurant is a new British Brasserie serving sustainably sourced produce from around the British Isles. Their first outlet in the very residential Nappy Valley of Brook Green… [Read More]

Sabel Food Pop Up

A couple of weeks ago I was defending food in London to a couple of French people. They were insisting that there is nothing good about the London  restaurant scene. If I had met them after this dinner, I would have pointed them this way. Sabel Food’s pop up is a showcase of what is exciting about eating out in London. They served up a creative modern British menu with… [Read More]

Sunshine and Sunday Roasts at the Jam Tree

The Jam Tree in Clapham Common has started serving a Sunday lunches and they do it well. Don’t miss their crispy squid too. Grab a seat in their sunny patio dining area for a leisurely al fresco weekend meal.

Whisky Tasting and the Hunting (Game) Menu at The Park Tower Knightsbridge

It’s the time of year for Game Hunting. Chef Pascal is a keen hunter and this time of year he likes to make the full use of the game that he hunts like venison. We had the pleasure of tasting some of the dishes he created on his ” Hunting Menu” at the Hyde Bar in theThe Park Tower Knightsbridge, a Luxury Collection Hotel. The Hyde Bar is a lounge… [Read More]

Fish Pie with Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato Mash with @Lurpak Cooking Liquid #FoodAdventures

As I have been on the road for a few weeks, eating out US style, huge family sized servings for one person, sugar laden treats and all that. I have eaten more fried chicken in the last 2 weeks than the whole of the last 2 years. I needed a change, back to some human sized home cooked meals. Along came this offer from the people from Lurpak to try… [Read More]

How to Make Stock with Steve Smith

I love to tinker in the kitchen and must admit that my fundamental cookings skills consists of what I have learnt from friends, cooking lessons and cook books. Short of attending culinary school, I can glean tips and learn techniques from the cooking masterclasses I have attended. One the main skills to have is the ability to make a decent stock which can be used in a multitude of recipes…. [Read More]

An English Steakhouse Gillrays

An English Steakhouse. It’s a bit of a rarity in London. Gillray’s at the County Hall Marriot is one of those elusive places that serves quality English Beef. Gillrays is laid out as a circular bar with large picture windows overlooking the Thames which leads into an elongated dining room, making the most out of its position along this scenic stretch of the river. At each table, you can catch… [Read More]

Hearty Pies and Real Ales at The Foundry Camden

Camden Town, is the land of endless kebab and fried chicken shops and where there really aren’t many real restaurants at all. Then there is The Foundry, which is a nice little restaurant off the main stretch and away from the crowds, on Delancey  Street. Walking in off the street, your in the bar area which also incorporates the casual dining area. The portraits of jazz musicians on the walls… [Read More]

Tom Kitchin’s Scottish Feast at The Cube

Tom Kitchin is one of top chefs from Edinburgh and after failing to get to his restaurant, The Kitchin,  a short while back, I was thrilled that he was cooking at The Cube by Electrolux. I had been to The Cube previously for an amazing lunch by Claude Bosi . Dining at The Cube is a really special event as you feel as if you are a private guest of… [Read More]

Scotch Beef Masterclass at The Guinea Grill

If you are passionate about knowing where your beef comes from, there is nothing better than lunch with some people who really know their stuff. At a recent lunch hosted by Quality Meat Scotland I got to meet  Laurent Vernet, Scotch Beef Master. He is the font of all knowledge to do with Scotch Beef. Why Scotch Beef ? Scotch Beef has a worldwide reputation of being one of the… [Read More]

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