The Bugatti Burger on the Burger Bus Stop at the London Motor Museum

London never ceases to surprise me. I have only recently discovered the London Motor Museum in Hayes. This museum houses the largest collection of custom cars in Europe. It’s a result of the grand passion of Elo and his wife who have been customising and collecting cars for many years. Here is a quick run through of a fraction of what the museum has to offer, in case you don’t have… [Read More]

New burger joint BRGR Soho

Another week, another new burger joint. This time it is BRGR in Soho. It is an expansion of a chain from Lebanon, strangely enough. I was there on the first week. There was a queue at the door and a buzzy if cramped dining room. There are a few casual tables as you walk in, an open kitchen on the right where the burgers are cooked and second dining room… [Read More]

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