Chinese New Year Feasting at Hakkasan

Hakkasan Golden soft shell crab

Chinese New Year has always been a time to indulge in all things gastronomic for the Chinese community. In Asia, we take this occasion to show our hospitality to friends and business associates by hosting massive multiple course New Year feasts with specially themed auspicious dishes. It’s great to see that Hakkasan’s Executive Chef, tong Chee Hwee has adopted this tradition into the menu offerings in the London restaurants. Hakkasan… [Read More]

HKK Innovative Chinese New Year Menu

HKK Chinese Trio of Dumplings

To celebrate Chinese New Year in style in London, there are not many places that can present a special menu like HKK has done. They have modernised Chinese cooking techniques from around China and with that created a culinary journey that will delight your all your senses.

Exploring Macau’s Fusion Cuisine at A Wong

Gambas a Macau, Macau prawns at A Wong

Londoners, here’s a chance to Taste Macau. We get to experience this unique centuries old fusion cuisine at  A Wong where Macanese Foopd Ambassador Florita Alves has collaboration with Andrew Wong to create an 8 course tasting menu. The Macau Tourism Board held a lunch to preview this menu recently.  At A Wong, the main dining room is packed and oddly,  I catch a few odd snatches of Cantonese conversations. It appears… [Read More]

Mandarin Kitchen – Lobster Noodles Still Great

64-Mandarin Kitchen 095

Mandarin Kitchen is one of the handful of places that we used to frequent for a decent Chinese meal in the Bayswater area. When we were students, a lot of friends had flat in the area and we used to congregate at a long closed restaurant called Hung Toa where the Roast Duck was famous. This used to be like a clubhouse, as all the gang would show up there… [Read More]

Dim Sum at Royal China Queensway

Royal China Queensway Dim Sum

This has been one of our favourite dim sum places in London for the longest time. It was one of the first Chinese restaurants that started serving dim sum in a nicer environment and with better service than the brusque approach in most Chinatown places. Royal China in Queensway has a very big dining room, with space for many family sized round tables, each with their own lazy susans. The… [Read More]

Grand Imperial Victoria – express lunches

Grand Imperial Chinese Restaurant Victoria

The Grand Imperial Chinese Restaurant launched last year to great fanfare. It’s housed in a corner of the Grosvenor Hotel in Victoria, one of the grand old railway hotels. There are 2 entrances, either via Victoria Station or by a side entrance next to the bus station. They have transformed the high ceilinged rooms into an elegant contempary dining room with a section partitioned off for a private dining room…. [Read More]

Jai Yun for Authentic Shanghainese food in San Francisco

Jai Yun San Francisco

This is the restaurant that triggered me to start a food blog. We went to Jai Yun on the edge of Chinatown in San Franciscoe as it was a bit of a cult in San Francisco. It is where all the chefs go to eat when they get off work. It is run by chef/owner Nei Chia Ji who has been described as both an artist and a genius. There… [Read More]

Dim Sum at Golden Dragon

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Dim Sum or sometimes called Yum Cha is originally a Cantonese snack which has now been raised to be a full blown meal. Dim sum was usually served as a breakfast or brunch over a leisurely pot of tea, hence the Yum Cha which is to drink tea. One would have just one small dish at a time, slowly whiling away the morning, reading the paper. Dim Sum today is… [Read More]

Review – Congee at Leong’s Legend

aug 5 118

When you are feeling under the weather the best thing to have is something light. I remember being force fed congee when I was younger and hated it. Things have changed, I can now appreciate all the different types of congee there is and it is a sort of comfort food. Congee is chinese rice porridge which is made by boiling rice in a  lot of water for a while… [Read More]

Review China City: Great Cantonese Home Cooking

Bitter Gourd and Turbot in black bean sauce

Poons Restaurants in London used to be where we went for consistently good home style Cantonese food. In 2005, the China City group took over the chain and kept this branch and the one in Russel square. Thankfully they have maintained both the menu and the high  standard of cooking. London Chinatown used to have a massive choice of medium priced Chinese restaurants serving good Cantonese food. In recent years,… [Read More]

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