The Supreme Saturdays lunch at Yauatcha City

If you are a dim sum lover and live in East London, the best option used to be this cavernous restaurant near the London City Airport. Not anymore. Right in the middle of Broadgate Circle. Yauatcha City has arrived and is now serving their signature high end dim sum on Saturdays. They have just introduced their Supreme Saturdays lunch menu which incorporates their most popular dim sum dishes with a… [Read More]

Dim Sum at Royal China Queensway

This has been one of our favourite dim sum places in London for the longest time. It was one of the first Chinese restaurants that started serving dim sum in a nicer environment and with better service than the brusque approach in most Chinatown places. Royal China in Queensway has a very big dining room, with space for many family sized round tables, each with their own lazy susans. The… [Read More]

Grand Imperial Victoria – express lunches

The Grand Imperial Chinese Restaurant launched last year to great fanfare. It’s housed in a corner of the Grosvenor Hotel in Victoria, one of the grand old railway hotels. There are 2 entrances, either via Victoria Station or by a side entrance next to the bus station. They have transformed the high ceilinged rooms into an elegant contempary dining room with a section partitioned off for a private dining room…. [Read More]

Dim Sum at Golden Dragon

Dim Sum or sometimes called Yum Cha is originally a Cantonese snack which has now been raised to be a full blown meal. Dim sum was usually served as a breakfast or brunch over a leisurely pot of tea, hence the Yum Cha which is to drink tea. One would have just one small dish at a time, slowly whiling away the morning, reading the paper. Dim Sum today is… [Read More]

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