Donald Russell Christmas Party Box

Christmas parties can be such a drag as there is so much to shop for and prepare. How great would it be if we had a team of elves helping us out in the kitchen. It’s not just the big Christmas lunch, there are also all the canapes and tid bits that we ambitiously want to make to thrill our guests with. How about a little short cut? I got… [Read More]

Donald Russell – More Than An Online Butcher

Pavé, that is a word that I know very well. Learnt it years ago when I was shopping for diamond jewelry and learning about different stone settings. In jewelry, Pave setting is when a lot of stones are set very close proximity to each other, with no metal showing, creating a smooth surface. I would never have associated that word with meat, let alone rump steak. At a recent visit to the… [Read More]

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