More than Chocolates and Champagne For Valentines at Harrods

Stumped for Valentines Day present? Check out these foodie gifts from Harrods. Yes there is a lot of red and pink but it is all very classy. I especially loved the gold flecked Turkish delights and the Prestat Chocolate Truffles. If you felt like putting a bit more effort into your gift you could make the French Love Cake. If you don’t fancy making a cake, the cake shop in… [Read More]

The Fabulous Baker Brothers at Harrods

Real bread is a great trend that is catching on in a big way now. TV programmes like The Fabulous Baker Brothers and the Great British Bakeoff have really fuelled the interest in real baking in this country. Tom and Henry Herbert have done their bit in promoting this trend. When their show aired, the twittersphere erupted. Mostly with admiration of new found fans. Today, they launched their bread in… [Read More]

Total Indulgence – William Curley with Laurent-Perrier

Who knew? Hidden in the depth of the basement in Harrods is an epicurean treasure trove. You have to walk through the super expensive mortgage your house “watch gallery” to get there. This is where the wine cellar and specialty Italian deli is housed. To celebrate Chocolate week, Laurent-Perrier seeked out William Curley, the award winning chocolatier,  to create some exclusive Champagne Truffles. Out of this collaboration came the hand… [Read More]

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