Tsurusushi at Friday Night Socials

Tsurusushi at Friday Night Socials Takoyaki

In a corner of Trafalgar Square, The National Cafe sits hidden beneath the National Gallery and you would probably not notice it unless you were looking for it. The cafe itself is housed in an enormous room with very high ceilings. When full, the acoustics bounce around the wall, creating a raucos din. Peyton-Byrne operate this outlet together with the more casual cafe next door. On this evening,  the first… [Read More]

Ittenbari Ramen Soho 麺屋一点張

Ittenbari Ramen Soho

Ramen shops are like buses, we wait ages for one and then 2 comes along at the same time. Ittenbari Ramen (麺屋一点張) appeared quietly on the Soho food scene a few months ago. I was alerted to their presence by a Japanese lady at the hairdressers who was raving about it.  She said that everything was from Osaka but this was a bit of misinformation. It is however associated with… [Read More]

Spicy Ramen has landed in Soho Tonkotsu

Tonkotsu Tokyo Ramen Soho London

On some grey and muggy London days, there is nothing more comforting than a bowl of hot soupy noodles. A new Ramen place has hit London. Tonkotsu is an offshoot of The Tsuru chain. As it is still in soft opening mode, the menu is simple , just a few starters and a choice if ramen for the soft opening, there was just 2 flavours. For starters we had the… [Read More]

Yoobi Temakeria Soho

Yoobi Temakeria Soho Spicy Tuna Rolls

Yoobi prides itself for being the first Temaki bar in London,  a new concept which is inspired my a recent Japanese Brazilian trend. Yoobi Temakeria in Soho is the first venture for newbue food entrepreneurs Nick (Swiss) and Carolina (Brazilian) . As Carolina is also an architect, she designed the quirky interiors which is dominated by a 3 sided sushi bar in the middle of the room. On offer are 3… [Read More]

Sushi in the City at Feng Sushi

feng sushi

The South Bank is usually a hive of activity on evenings and weekends when special events are happening. For such a busy place, there aren’t many great places to eat as most the places around there are all of the chain variety. However, some chains are better than others. One of these that offer a consistent quality of food is Feng Sushi at the Royal Festival Hall. The decor is… [Read More]

Koya Soho , Great udon in London


I had heard some rumblings about this new Japanese noodle shop in Soho and one lunchtime, decided to check it out. They had only been open for 2 weeks and was not very busy when we got there. (Since my visit, it has been featured in the Metro and lots of other food blogs and there now queues to get in. ) Since there was a choice, we chose to… [Read More]

Review of lunch at Tsurusushi Broadgate


On a busy Thursday, was rushing for a meeting in the City, dropped in for lunch at the new Tsurusushi. It was a bit of time to find it as it was not obvious where it was and actually found it at the back of the 301 Bishopgate building. The place even has tables outside under the spider like legs of the Broadgate Tower, would be a perfect place for… [Read More]

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