The Specialty Food Fair

A quick visit to the show yesterday and was quite surprised to find that it was probably the best food fair that I have seen in London, probably because it is mainly a trade event unlike the Real Food Fare which is for regular punters. There was a large array of exhibitors from various countries but I thought it was bit quiet, maybe as a result of the economic climate and the tube strike?

The Specialty Food Fair 2010

Here are some highlights:

Amazing spanish Jamon, too many stands to name but this is Domingo at the Eiriz stand, superb jamon and aged sherry vinegar. Learnt some new things about how to use aged sherry vinegar syrup.

Domingo slicing Jamon

Delicious bacon,  salmon as gravadlax and smoked salmon at the Inish Turkbeg stand, one of the Irish food producers.

Andre Dang Inish Turk Beg

Andre Dang at the Inish Turk Beg Stand

Henry Leon plugging his new book and doing a cooking demo. He made delicious ceviche, pepper chicken and ice cream with red wine sauce.

Henry Leon of Leon Restaurants

Henry Leon of Leon Restaurants

Other interesting finds:

Numi Teas a new organic tea brand from the US, fab English breakfast blend

Mr Sing’s Sauce – super hot but tasty chilli sauce

Edinburgh shortbread – delicious shortbread biscuits, better than another big name brand there

Was great to meet @GoodShoeDay, @FussFreeFlavours, @Catalan_Cooking and @HannahMNorris there.

The Leon Dinner Party – Introducing the amazing Banana Split

Henry from Leon (@henry_leon) hosted a dinner party at their Ludgate Circus Branch the other evening. From talking to the other guests, most of us didn’t even know that Leon was open for dinner. The Ludgate Circus branch use to be my local lunch takeaway place when I worked up the road in Fleet Street and I used to love the old incarnation of their Smoked Mackerel Superfood Salad, now sadly discontinued.

I am going to start at the end and work backwards as the star of the evening was the debut of the Leon Banana Split. It was 3 scoops of ice cream, banana, raspberry coulis, L’artisan du chocolat caramel sauce and organic whizzed up cream, I think. Oh and the toasted nuts on top that completed it. This was so scrumptios and enormous that it had to be shared between 2 except some people managed to have 2. (@jezmd :-)) If we didn’t have so many course before hand I might have just managed the whole thing. Anyway, it was so good I have to show you 2 pics of it here.

The Leon banana split


For the rest of the meal, we were served a massive array from their menu.


Didn’t get around to taking the pics til some of the dishes were demolished you can see. Here are just some of them – Chilli chicken, brown rice with lemon and toasted seeds, garlic and chilli broccoli, sunshine salad of edamame, green beans and peas and the Leon gobi.

We also had the grilled halloumi, sweet potato falafel (which didn’t work that well) , grilled chorizo and hummus. All together way too much food and as most of our table were women, we really didn’t do it justice. It just seemed like an unending stream of dishes and non stop flow of wine.

Quite a few twitter foodies were there so it was great to meet a few more people who have so far been identified only via their avatars. Thanks Henry for a great evening.

The Fabulous Shoes


Most of us ignored/ forgot about the fabulous shoes requirement per the invited except for Tracy (@buyingagent). Here is a pic of the lovely shoes and since no once else made much of an effort, she deserves a prize.


The host Henry and Hannah of Nourish PR.

The Leon banana split – the close up