Nduja Hash Recipe

This recipe is inspired by the dish that was made for brunch on Something for the Weekend. Since I had all the ingredients required, I whipped this up in a flash, well almost and it was the most delicious quickie meal ever. Nduja is a soft salami from Calabria which is made from offal and lots of chilli and it works brilliantly in making a delicious potato hash. Alternatively, you… [Read More]

Nduja Cooking Club at The London Foodie

A perfect recipe for a leisurely Sunday is a warm kitchen, lots of friends around a table laden with fabulous home cooking. Recently, The London Foodie hosted another London Cooking Club and theme was not around a cuisine but an ingredient, Nduja. This year seems to be the year of the nduja. It seems to be everywhere now and it’s even recently been featured on BBC’s Something For the Weekend… [Read More]

Spicy Nduja Palmier Bites – My recipe

Do you know the feeling like you have won the lottery when you discover an amazing new ingredient? There is this unrational thrill that a  foodie gets when finding and loving a fab tasting new ingredient and my newest one is nduja, which I tasted here. An email popped into my inbox inviting me to participate in a recipe competition using nduja, I of course agreed. Then came the dilemma,… [Read More]

Brunswick House Cafe Vauxhall – A Hidden Gem

Vauxhall has always been the place that you pass through, change trains and don’t give it much thought. There isn’t exactly a high street to hang out at. There is however a little gem of a restaurant hidden amidst the Lassco reclamation yard which is dwarfed by a monstrous block of purpose built flats. Brunswick House Cafe is run by Jackson and his team. This only opened a short while… [Read More]

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