Ottolenghi Recipes on Masterchef

If you have been following the new season of Masterchef, Yotam Ottolenghi was featured in a recent episode where the contestants had to cook from his vegetarian recipes. I have listed the recipes below here. Sometimes Ottolenghi recipes are a bit complicated and uses a lot of ingredients, the end results is always superb. These are the recipes that were cooked: Stuffed onion skins (Plenty) Sweetcorn polenta, with feta, aubergine,… [Read More]

The Fabulous London Cooking Club – Ottolenghi Night

You can find the Masterchef Ottolenghi Recipes here. The fabulous Luiz Hara of hosts these dinner parties under the banner of The London Cooking Club where he invites friends and readers of his blog to participate in these really International foodie fests.   Each cooking club evening is themed to either a cookbook or a type of cuisine like Syrian and Japanese. This particular evening, the theme was Ottolenghi and… [Read More]

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