Thai Oyster Festival at Suda Thai

Oysters, some love them, some won’t even get near them and some have never tried them. I love oysters, especially those large platters that the serve in Parisian brasseries with your choice of different species, shapes and sizes. Oysters with Thai flavouring are a whole different way of enjoying fresh oysters. Instead of the usual lemon, tabasco or shallot vinaigrette, instead you add a few slices of lemongrass, some crispy… [Read More]

Mango Sticky Rice Recipe

At a recent event at Suda Thai Restaurant in Covent Garden, we were show how to make this very popular Thai Dessert. PrintMango Sticky Rice Rating: 41 Prep Time: 6 hoursCook Time: 15 minutesTotal Time: 6 hours, 15 minutes 5-6 servings Ingredients2 cups glutinous rice 1 cup coconut cream or thick coconut milk 3tbsp coconut cream for topping a pinch of salk 1 cup sugar 5-6 Thai mangoesInstructionsSoak the 2… [Read More]

Mango Masterclass at Suda Thai Restaurant

What better way to kick off the Mango month than by hosting a Mango Masterclas. This is the time of year when the Thai mangoes comes into season. Iif you’ve never tried one keep an eye out in Asian supermarkets. It has quite a more delicate flavour then the Alphonso Mango, very fragrant but has a bit more tang.  They look like this: Suda Thai in the newly built St… [Read More]

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