Tsurusushi at Friday Night Socials

In a corner of Trafalgar Square, The National Cafe sits hidden beneath the National Gallery and you would probably not notice it unless you were looking for it. The cafe itself is housed in an enormous room with very high ceilings. When full, the acoustics bounce around the wall, creating a raucos din. Peyton-Byrne operate this outlet together with the more casual cafe next door.

Tsurusushi at Friday Night Socials

On this evening,  the first of many Friday Night Socials,  Tsurusushi was the guest “chef”. They offered a 3 course menu with some sake cocktails to match.

The dining room was quite full with over 70 covers and a sense of anticipation was evident. Starters arrived and it was a plate of takoyaki (octopus balls).

Tsurusushi at Friday Night Socials Takoyaki

This was followed by some sushi.

This was followed by some sushi.

For main course, it is their best selling Chicken Katsu curry. As some of the tables were communal, we made some new friends and Oliver Peyton came over for a chat and shared some of his single estate Olive oil to taste.

Tsurusushi at Friday Night Socials

Friday Night Socials are great fun, meet some new people, try some new food and all for a very reasonable price. You won’t get a better deal for a night out in London.

Friday Night Socials are a new initiative at the National Cafe and they will be featuring guest chefs, like Angela Hartnett,  who will be introducing their own menus on the night. At £25 per head which includes wine, it’s a bargain. Get booking early.

You can find Tsurushi at

Slow Food Kitchen was a guest of Tsurusushi at Friday Night Socials.


Review of lunch at Tsurusushi Broadgate

On a busy Thursday, was rushing for a meeting in the City, dropped in for lunch at the new Tsurusushi. It was a bit of time to find it as it was not obvious where it was and actually found it at the back of the 301 Bishopgate building. The place even has tables outside under the spider like legs of the Broadgate Tower, would be a perfect place for lunch al fresco in this area.

Met Emma (@Tsurusushi) who was very generously offering discount vouchers to promote the new branch. Around the Broadgate area, there never used to be so many places to eat. When I used to work here for a Japanese bank, the closest we would get to a nice Japanese meal was a bento box delivered by an obscure Japanese catering company and this used to costs us about £8 a box which was a lot, quite a few years ago.

Since I didn;t have time, I was quite glad that it was set up like a fast food, pay at counter or help yourself kind of setup. I ordered a Katsu curry and a small box of sushi. No sooner had I found a seat, the food appeared, that is quick service. The katsu was nicely crisp and the katsu curry sauce was not too sweet like some places make it and the portion was very generous. At about £6 for the katsu curry and about £4 for a small box of sushi, the prices were very good for the quality and quantity that we were served. At the next table were 4 Japanese salary men happily tucking into their Katsu curry ( which seems to be their favourite lunch meal as this is what I see them ordering most often at other Japanese lunch places too) which gives that stamp of authenticity to this dish.

Katsu curry
 Hijiki seaweed salad and some red cabbage sesame salad

Emma also brought over a plate of Hijiki seaweed salad and some red cabbage sesame salad which was so simple yet so tasty.

Tsuru sushi broadgate

These are the small boxes of sushi. The sushi was quite good for a London sushi takeaway, fish was fresh but the rice could have been flavoured a bit more for my taste. The califonia roll was actually quite yummy and I will definitely be back for more of that.


Yummy Mochi Ice Cream- green tea and sesame

Mochi Ice Cream

Just before we had to run we very quickly sampled the Mochi Ice Cream which was both unusual and quite delicious.

If you work around Liverpool Street and in search for a good Japanese meal, you should try out Tsurusushi.

3, 201 Bishopgate
London EC2M 3AB

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am to 10pm

Rating : 7/10
Value: 8/10

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