Win 2 tickets to Innocent Kitchen with Ollie Dabbous

Win 2 tickets to experience the innocent kitchen for ‘a guide to good taste’, a sensory night out where you’ll discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about good taste. This event is in the evening of 14 August in Clerkenwell, London.

  • Why does taste matter?
  • How does it work?
  • What’s the perfect flavour combination?
  • How can good taste transform your life – and your career?

Win 2 tickets to Innocent Kitchen with Ollie Dabbous

You will get some answers to these questions from the stellar line-up of culinary stars, including Michelin starred chef Ollie Dabbous, jellymongers extraordinaire Bompas & Parr, creater of the underground supper movement Ms Marmite Lover, head chef at Polpetto Florence Knight, and food designer Emilie Baltz.

To win a pair of tickets to the event, simply follow the instructions in the rafflecopter app below.
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Innocent Kitchen plate



  1. Hmm… I’m a bit partial to prawn cocktail even though it’s bad and wrong. mostly though, I LOVE vegetable crisps

  2. I’ve already got my ticket! But, hopefully see you there?

  3. way cool contest.. Looks INTOXICATING

  4. Last time I was at an event that featured Bompas or Parr it involved drinking ether. Will the be ether?!

  5. I love innocent smoothies. Really curious to see what their food is like.

  6. Katherine L says:

    Most sensational thing ever tasted .. Heston’s Meat Fruit has to be one of them! Simply delectable 🙂

  7. Oh this sounds exciting! I like thinking of taste as a science.

  8. Looks like an exciting and delicious event

  9. Sound of the Sea at the Fat Duck. It was incredible!

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