A Chocolate Breakfast at Rococo Chocolates

Since learning so much about Chocolate with the Chocolate Tasting Certificate and doing some International Chocolate Awards judging, I have a new appreciation of fine chocolates. In London today, we have several home grown fine chocolatiers and Rococo is one of those.

This lovely shop is lined with shelves of beautiful chocolate gifts, a selection of bean to bar chocolate and of course lots of different truffles. They also have a few tables where you can linger and have some hot chocolate and coffee.

Chocolate is really a health food as it is high in anti oxidants so I have no qualms in indulging in a chocolate breakfast. The Rococo Chocolate shop on Motcomb Street in Belgravia serves an all day breakfast but you do have to make a reservation.

The breakfast menu features Chantal Coady’s Power Granola which contains high energy cocoa nibs (recipe can be found in her book, Mastering the Art of Chocolate) served with some coconut milk yoghurt and fresh  berries. We are also served a cup of rich hot chocolate accompanied by a cube of marshmallow for dipping.

Rococo Hot Chocolate

Rococo Chocolates Power Granola

Two little pots of totally delectable chocolate spreads made from Grenada Chocolate accompanies the mound of fresh sourdough bread. There are 2 flavours, a 71% Dark Chocolate Spread and a 82% Chocolate and Caramel spread. Both are rich and intense and it would not be difficult to just finish the whole jar in one seating. These spreads are one of their new products and is only available with the breakfast although I do believe that they will soon be selling these in the shop.

A plate of billionaire’s shortbread with a lemony caramel sits tempting us on the table. This has light shortbread and the citrusy caramel lightens the sweetness. A little perfect square of confectionery.

At the end of the breakfast, Chantal brings around a tray of Kalamansi lime truffles and some of their classic chocolate truffles. These have great intensity of flavour and one is not enough.

On the day we were there, they were launching their new ice cream range. We tasted the rich dark chocolate sorbet and the sea salt milk chocolate flavours. These will be available from all their shops.

rococo 023

rococo 016

Chantal Coady with some of her delicious truffles
Chantal with some of her delicious truffles
Rococo Kalamansi Lime and Chocolate Truffles
Rococo Kalamansi Lime and Chocolate Truffles
Rococo Billkionaire's Shortbread with a lemon caramel
Rococo Billionaire’s Shortbread with a lemon caramel

rococo 034

Bloggers breakfast 071

The Breakfast at Rococo is available daily at their Belgravia shop but you do have to book in advance. When the weather is nice, you should try and get a table in their hidden garden at the back of the shop. It is like a little oasis in the middle of town.

Besides selling a large selection of chocolate truffles, chocolate bars and other chocolate gifts, Rococo also does Chocolate workshops at their chocolate school. check on the their website for details. http://www.rococochocolates.com/

Rococo Chocolates
5 Motcomb Street
Tel: +44 (0)20 7245 0993

EatCookExplore was a guest of Rococo Chocolates

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