A meaty game lunch with Eat Game Awards

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EatCookExplore was a guest of Eat Game Awards

Are you part of the 72% in the UK who have never tasted game?

I was quite surprised when I heard this statistic since this free-range meat is sustainable, eco-friendly and easily available all over the country. Venison, being the most popular game meat is now easily available in a lot of supermarkets and farmers’ markets. Most butchers are also selling, partridges, pigeons and even grouse. You can buy game meat online from a lot of retailers.

What is game meat?

Game meat is the meat of any wild animal or bird. It is also a sustainable meat source.

What wild game can you eat?

In the UK, the wild game you can easily buy or shoot is grouse, partridge, wood cock, wood pigeon, wild goose, mallard, rabbits, venison (many different species of deer) and wild boar. Needless to say, they all taste delicious as they forage on a natural diet in the wild.

I was invited by the Eat Game Awards to a Game Lunch recently. We first spent the morning learning to shoot a shotgun at a moving target (clay pigeon shooting) at the Royal Berkshire Shooting Club. The club was bought by Purdey’s who make the most desirable shotguns in the UK.

Eat Game Awards Royal Berkshire Shooting Club
James Horne, Chairman of Purdey, Ben Shooting Instructor and Annette Woolcock of Taste of Game and Steve Shooting Instructor

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Chefs and Shot Guns!

Eat Game Awards Clodagh McKenna, Olympian Anita North and Chef Sally Abe
Chef Sally Abe, Clodagh McKenna and Olympian Anita North
Learning to shoot a shot gun
1st lesson at the beginners stand Royal Berkshite Shooting Club

Our delicious 4 course game lunch was a menu designed by Clodagh and Chef Sally. It really showcases how versatile game meat is and gives you some ideas on what kinds of dishes you can cook with game.

Game Terrine Eat Game Awards

Game Terrine Eat Game Awards

Venison faggot


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#EatGame #Invite Venison faggots with chicken lovers and prunes on a white onion purée and marjoram. One of the game dishes we had @eatgameawards lunch. This dish is pure flavour, a creation of @littlechefsally of #Michelin pub @harwoodarms Scroll along to hear her describe the dish. They are one of the rare pubs that have a lot of game on the menu. I’d highly recommend it. . If you’ve never tried game, now is the time. Grouse, pheasant, pigeon, venison, etc. It’s all lean meat, high iron, low food miles and delicious. . . . . . #foodgasm #ecxfood #igfood #foodgawker #f52gram #food52 #foodspotting #igfood #igfoodie #instaeat #luxfood #foodblog #buzzfeat #yahoofood #foodism #thefeedfeed #eaterlondon #gastropub #britishgame

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Grouse with blackberry jus and parsnip crisps Eat Game Awards
Grouse with blackberry jus and parsnip crisps
Eat Game Awards Wood pigeon with sweetcorn and girolles
Wood pigeon with sweetcorn and girolles

We are now in middle of game season and you will find many pubs and restaurants serving up game dishes. One of the places where you will find game in London is at Sally’s pub, The Harwood Arms (Walham Grove, Fulham, London SW6 1QP). Her menu features a lot of creative game dishes as the pub’s owner also owns an estate. The menu will change quite often, depending on what deliveries they get. One thing they always have on the menu is that outstanding faggot dish. It is just delicious.

About the Eat Game Awards

The Eat Game Awards is an initiative aimed at clebrating wild British produce by showcasing culinary stars and food retailers. It was founded in 2018 by James Purdey & Sons, Ranald McDonald of Boisedale and Taste of Game.

The Eat Game Awards are not only vital to help build the profile of this healthy, homegrown meat, they support and encourage small businesses championing this industry. Voting is now open for your favourite game retailers, pubs and restaurants at the Eat Game Awards.

You can nominate via the Eat Game Awards website until 1st November and then the finalists will be open to voting until January.

Dates to know about game season

  • August: Grouse
  • September: Partridge and Mallard
  • October: Pheasant and woodcock
  • Year round: Venison, wood pigeon, wild boar and rabbbit
  • Aug to Oct: Wild goose from Orkney

Here are some common questions you might have about eating game

Is eating game meat healthy?

Game meat is usually very lean, nutritous and low cholesterol, it is a healthier meat than farmed meat. It is also rich in iron and selenium as well as offering a good balance of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids

Obviously, all game is free range, you know the provenance and it aids bio diversity, contributes to a healthy countryside ecosystem and helps rurual communities. An added benefit is that there are usually very low food miles, so you help save carbon emissions too.

Can Venison be eaten pink?

Yes, it can be cooked like a piece of lamb or beef. Usually, on a thicker cut of venison, the middle should still be a bit pink. This will ensure that it is still moist inside and not overcooked and dry.

Why is game meat called game?

Game is the term used for animal hunted for sport, which dates back to medival times when this was done for fun and enjoyment.

Is wild game high in cholesterol?

Wild game meat is low in cholesterol, lower in saturated fat with a higher level of polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, organ meats like liver and heart has a higher cholesterol content.

Is game red meat?

Game meat from adult animals is considered red, like hare, venison and boar. Meat from young animals are white meat.

You can also buy game meat online or at some selected supermarkets. I know that local farm shops like Macknade in Faversham get regular game meat deliveries in the game season. Most the meat is usually prebooked and sells out very quickly.



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