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If you’re a wine lover perhaps you’ve dreamed of owning a vineyard, but the reality is a dream for most of us.

However, with Naked Wines, you have a chance to get involved in the wine business by investing in independent winemakers through Naked Wines’ new Angel programme.

By investing £20 a month, you will get access to some fabulous wines from artisan winemakers at discounted prices. It’s a brilliant way to support independent wine-making talent and try lots of new, premium wines – and all at better prices, too!

To help you try Naked Wines for yourself, I’m sharing a £60 off voucher that you can use against your next purchase at Naked Wines – just click here to redeem the voucher.

Naked Wines Angel Programme

When I get together with friends we like to explore new flavours, in wine and in food. What better way to do this than with a box of premium wines selected for you, and sent to your door?

Recently, Naked Wines sent me a box of wines to review, made by some of their selected wine makers. There are so many different flavours in these six bottles. It was quite fun finding new food pairings for them.

Naked Wines Angel Programme £60 off voucher

I especially liked the Virgile Joly Merlot (£15.99, £11.99 for Angels) which I paired with some Honey Garlic Chicken Wings. The Merlot will tingle your taste buds with a burst of fruity berries.

The rich, full Merlot from a Languedoc producer is one to savour, and pairs well with the robust flavour of the wings’ sticky, sweet, garlic sauce. If you make these wings, be sure to make a big mount, as they make a good drinking snack!

The Virgile Joly Merlot is a soft, fruity rounded Merlot, great to have with a steak, a BBQ, Sunday roast or pasta with a tomato sauce.

Naked Wines Virgile Merlot with Sticky Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
Virgile Joly Merlot with Sticky Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

These wings are roasted and then coated with a sweet, sticky and garlicky sauce. You should make a big mound of these as it makes a good drinking snack. These wings are sweet, sticky and can be a bit spicy. The chicken wing flavours are quite robust so it goes well with the full, rich Merlot.

Here are some other wines from Naked’s Angel programme that came with my first case, with some tasting notes and food pairing suggestions. I especially like the Gayrel Sauvignon Blanc 2017 from France, a light and citrusy, easy to drink white wine. We had it with some simple grilled fish.

Virgile Joly Merlot

A soft, fruity rounded Merlot, great to have with a steak, a BBQ, Sunday roast or pasta with tomato sauce.

The Vivolo Pinot Grigio 2017 is a light, crisp medium-bodied Pinot Grigio from the Veneto region, with aromas of apples, pears and citrus on the nose. On tasting, you get hints of green apples, a bit of flint with some natural acidity. I think it would taste great with risotto, grilled fish or even vegetable soup.

Gayrel Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is a fresh and fruity light French Sauvignon Blanc that will flood your taste buds with hints of lemon and lime. This wine is great for an aperitif or paired with seafood supper, sushi or even salads.

Kruger Family Angels Selections 2018 is a blend of Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. Crisp, vibrant, and citrusy. On the mouth, it’s creamy with some minerality. This white is excellent with fish, pork, shellfish and even fruity desserts.

Lastly, the David Seihas Garnacha 2017 is a lovely Spanish Grenache with light tannins, red fruits on tasting. I think it’s very versatile for food pairings as it will go well with beef, game or even poultry.

The Naked Wines Angels Programme

The Naked Wines Angels programme is a completely different way to buy wine. Here is a chance to be one of the few to taste a fantastic new vintage, and support an independent winemaker at the same time.

I have a special code for my readers so that you can get £60 off your next purchase at Naked Wines. That works out to be just around £3.50 for a premium bottle.

You can join the Naked Wines Angels programme for just £20 a month. What you get for membership is:

  • up to 50% off purchases
  • £20 a month to spend as you please
  • Invites to exclusive tastings
  • Access to exclusive wines
  • Free bottle every month, when you order a case

Find out more on the Naked Wines website.

Naked Wines Special offer £60 off

EatCookExplore was gifted this wine for review.

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