“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”

Anthony Bourdain

I am a Londoner who likes luxury, adventure and wellness travel, culture, interesting cuisines, discovering new restaurants, food producers and great stories. You will find me on this blog and on all the social media platforms: Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Tik Tok.

Restaurant and Food Producers

Jerte Picota Cherries from Spain
Life is a bowl of cherries!

I’m one of the Top 10 Gastronomy Blogs on Foodies 100.

I am fearless in food choices and will eat almost anything that moves, with or or without dare. Don’t much like insects though.

Being in London, you are never short of new restaurants or cuisines to try out. Love to try new restaurants but don’t like to chase them for that social media scoop. Am very intrigued by different cuisines too and will share some of my findings along the way. Would like to explore the locavore’s way of living but in London, that has been a bit of an uphill battle but all the new foodie friends on twitter have shared some great resources.

Comte Montbeliard Cows for Making Comte Cheese in the French Jura Mountains
Montbeliard Cows that produce the milk for making Comte Cheese in the French Jura Mountains

Provenance of food is one of my favourite topics. I am a self-proclaimed grass-fed beef geek and can talk until the cows come home on that itself. Where possible, I only drink unhomogenised whole milk, eat grass fed butter, eat #RealBread made with stone ground flour, cook with British cold pressed rapeseed oil.

My recipes are about easy homecooking using good quality ingredients, sourced from great food producers, good fats, high in Omega 3, low in Omega 6 and anti-inflammatory and using the best seasonal ingredients.

Cooking and Recipe Development

I do like to cook and have been known to do recipe development for brands and have done some cooking videos too. I cook everything from Malaysian food to Italian. I am quite experimental and have done recipe development for food brands. Here are some of them :

Malaysian Chicken Satay Recipe 

Easy Malaysian Chicken Satay Recipe
Chicken Satay for a casual supper

Cantonese Style Fillet Steak

Cantonese Style Sweet and Sour Steak Recipe

Along the way, I have participated in various cooking challenges and competitions. I won the Masterchef creation challenge at the BBC Good Food Show, won the Best Cheese Toastie recipe using Barbers’ Cheddar and won the Heinz cook off with my Malaysian Chilli Crab recipe.

Kitchen gadets reviews

I am an avid collector of fancy kitchen gadgets so will sometimes share some product reviews on here too. My favourite piece of kit is my Japanese Chef’s knife and, a really good cast iron pan and a much used Le Creuset pot.

Explore new Horizons

Maspalomas Sand Dunes

Luxury, Adventure and Wellness Travel – I have been travelling for years, both on business and on holiday, most of that luxury travel.  Not all of those places have been documented on this blog so far. I have held Platinum status at Starwood Hotels and also Diamond Status on Hilton Honors and the Gold British Airways card which led me to know the Terminal 5 lounge quite well. I like to do hotel reviews with videos too.

Galgorm Resort and Spa Beltane Fire and Hot Tub

I have lived and worked in Luxembourg, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Munich and Athens, so I know these cities quite well. Along the way, I have also picked up a smattering of languages, enough to order food, ask directions and know when people are talking about me.

I like Adventure Travel where there is something fun and exciting to do. I am a super keen skier, an advanced Scuba Diver, have been sky diving (static line not tandem), white water rafting, endurance Jet Skiing and am up for most active adventures. I do enjoy a good trek and e-biking up and down mountains too. My holidays have seldom been sedentary, they usually involve some form of sport, like tennis, golf or skiing.

Of course, everywhere I go, I look for the best example of local cuisine and local food culture. Michelin stars are not always important but a genuinely authentic experience is.

So far, every place I visit, there has been a human interest story that needs to be told.

Other freelance writing

I have written about food and travel for Chef Magazine, Virgin Atlantic and various other online platforms too.

What is Hawaiian poke? Here’s everything you need to know about the street food dish

The Old and New Chinatowns in San Francisco

When I am not obsessing about the next meal, I am Digital Strategist and an SEO Expert and I spend way too much time stuck on the laptop. And occasionally a Digital Nomad.

Photography and video

I take a lot of on the go photos and videos using my iPhone, Fuji XT 30 camera or my HD video camera. I share my food and travel content on YouTube and social media channels.

Travel Videos 

Cooking Videos

I have done campaigns for food brands that include video recipes and a series of recipe images for distribution on their channels.

Product Reviews

I will review Travel and Food products on my blog, giving my own opinion. In some cases, I will include them in my Sunday Selection roundup where the products will get an image and a mention. Please contact me if you have products you would like me to review.

Press and Media

I occasionally write or host guests posts, do giveaways and work with brands on blog promotions. You can get more information on working with me here. Sponsored posts are always disclosed and only no-follow links will be used.

Affiliate Disclosure

I occasionally write about products that interest me and in some cases, I will get paid an affiliate commission if someone buys through links on my blog.