Best fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries in London

Best fresh food deliveries in London

Fruit and vegetable boxes deliveries

Now that everyone has been told to stay at home and not risk catching and transmitting the virus, we need to rely on veg box deliveries for our weekly groceries.

With most supermarkets’ delivery slots full for weeks on end and long queues at your local supermarket, these fresh food delivery services might be the best option. Most of them will deliver other groceries too like flour, bread, eggs and milk.

Good news, a lot of wholesale fruit and veg suppliers who have lost their restaurant customers are now delivering veg boxes to retails customers instead. Some restaurants are doing the same too.

Here is a list of places where you order your veg boxes and also fresh meat boxes too. NHS staff are offered discounts at some of these retailers.

Fresh Fruit and Veg Box Deliveries in London

One of the many trade suppliers to open their door to retails customers. You do have to buy in bulk so this is suitable for bigger families. They even sell flour, my friend got a 15kg bag a few days ago. You have to register a new account on their site before you can shop. 

First Choice
These guys have a choice of 3 sizes veg boxes from £20. They are also delivering a Sunday Roast box and a whole variety of other fruits and veg. They will deliver within 2-3 days of the order. Note that the minimum order value is £30 and it is free delivery over £60 in London.

Pale green dot
Besides veg boxes, they are also selling meat boxes, dairy and cheese boxes, Italian boxes, Beer boxes and wine boxes. Some are by subscription and some are single orders. See their range here:

Milk and More
Not just milk as the name suggests but all sorts of fresh, organic fruit and veg. You can order different sizes, add on other organic meat and groceries and include some organic milk in glass bottles with some fresh croissants for breakfast too. Check if they deliver to your area on their website:

Oddbox London @OddboxLDN
Oddbox delivers sustainable, rescued fruit and veg to your home. Prices start at £9.45 for a small box. Use the code IMPACT for 50% off.

Natures Choice 
Next day deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables in recycled boxes, from £31.50. There is a box with fruit, veg and essentials like butter, milk, juice and more. You can add a bunch of flowers from Covent Garden to your order too.

Chef Extraordinaire Pierre Koffmann normally sells his potatoes to the restaurant trade. Now you can get your hands on some too. Just order from their website, bags from 5kg. They work with various suppliers around the country. See details here. 

Turnips at Borough Market 
This greengrocer is now delivering to any London postcodes. Every box will be filled with a variety of fruit and veg. You can also add in eggs, juice and even mushroom boxes. For the gourmets, they even have a Michelin Box which is filled with the finest produce.

Isle of Wight Tomatoes 

Isle of Wight tomatoes home delivery

I visited the Isle of Wight tomato farm in the Isle of Wight a while ago and can say that they produce the tastiest tomatoes in the UK. They all taste like how tomatoes should taste and sweet cherry tomatoes are so sweet and juicy that you can eat them like sweets. Absolutely gorgeous. I always look out for their tomatoes in supermarkets but they are not often stocked. You can order 3kg boxes and get them delivered to your door. See the choice of boxes here:

Abel and Cole 

These guys supply the best organic subscription food boxes. I have spoken to them at length about how they pick their suppliers. They are all thoroughly audited for welfare and quality. I would highly recommend them. Unfortunately, since lockdown, they are only delivering the organic produce to existing customers. For new customers, they have the “Food on the Go” option, which is food from wholesale suppliers going to restaurants.

Daylesford Organic Vegetable Boxes
Another option for organic produce. If you live near a Daylesford shop, you can make your selection for home delivery. If you don’t live near a shop, you can order organic boxes online from their shop. 

Detox Kitchen 
Detox Kitchen has teamed up with their suppliers to do home deliveries of fresh vegetables, fruits and essentials boxes from £40. There is no minimum order and they have next day delivery.

Secretts Farm 
Hurst Farm,Chapel Lane, Milford, Surrey, GU8 5HU
Tel: +44 (0)1483 520500
Secretts is a farm in Surrey that usually has PYO fields of asparagus, rhubarb and more. They now offer a home delivery service for the elderly, vulnerable & disabled customers who live within a 1.5 mile radius of the farm shop. Email for more details.

If you live nearby, they are running their Veg boxes Drive-Thru service, boxes from £17. You have to pay with a contactless card. Mon- Sat.

They have 2 options for home deliveries, a fruit box or a veg box. You can order other groceries like flour, bread and eggs too. NHS staff get a 20% discount. To order:

They usually only supply chefs but now are delivering fruit and vegetable boxes directly to your home. They can also include meat, dairy products and other groceries too. They have next day delivery slots. Check on their website to book.

Fairfield Farm
These guys usually sell crisps but now they are offering deliveries of boxes of potatoes AND boxes of crisps. Yes please. Different size options available on their website:

Veg Box Deliveries Outside London

Whites Nurseries, Earls Barton
Whites Nurseries are delivering veg boxes if you can’t get to their farm shop. Order online on their site or call 01604 812 173.

Meat and Fish Boxes for home deliveries

Pipers Farm
These guys supply grass fed meat and their meat box options come in different sizes to suit all household sizes. I was eyeing up the nose to tail pork box which has bacon, sausages and all sorts of good stuff. In time for the hotter weather, they have some BBQ meat boxes too. There is a discount on most boxes now. Check out the options here :

Sausage Man 

They have a wide range of sausages from the traditional Bratwurst to New York style hot dogs, even vegan versions. You can add bread rolls , sauerkraut and other condiments to your order. No minimum order size.


If you are offering a veg box, meat box or any other fresh food delivery service in or out of London, please add your details below and I will add it to this page.

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