The Bugatti Burger on the Burger Bus Stop at the London Motor Museum

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London never ceases to surprise me. I have only recently discovered the London Motor Museum in Hayes.

This museum houses the largest collection of custom cars in Europe. It’s a result of the grand passion of Elo and his wife who have been customising and collecting cars for many years. Here is a quick run through of a fraction of what the museum has to offer, in case you don’t have the patience to read on. Warning, this post is a little bit on burgers and a lot on cool custom motors.

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Elo, the founder is an entrepreneur, ex model and he also hosts the “Ultimate Wheels” show on the A + E Network. Here is a little welcome video for EatCookExplore readers.

London Motor Museum 040

The Burger Bus Stop

London Motor Museum 005

We came to the London Motor Museum to check out this new addition, the Burger Bus.

Elo and his team converted this old Brighton and Hove bus in their Supercar Workshop into a retro diner with wheels. A kitchen has been added to bottom floor of the bus and upstairs is a quirky dining space and brightly coloured pop art on the walls and ceiling.

The Burger Bus Stop at the London Motor Museum

On the menu are burgers named after big car brands like Cadillac, Bugatti and Roadrunner. Elo has American roots and it’s reflected in the menu on the bus. The burgers are made by his chefs from British Beef and they are adamant that they serve quality  food.

The Bugatti Burger at the London Motor Museum
The Bugatti Burger at the London Motor Museum
Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger

Here is the Bugatti Burger in all its glory, some hand cut fries and a killer malt Milkshake. Good succulent meat patty, soft bun, great sides. Loved the onion rings and fries. Also on the menu is a very tasty Chicken burger which is enormous. They have a kids menu too and the bus is already really popular for Birthday Parties.

This addition gives you another great reason to bring the family for a visit to the museum, besides seeing the awesome cars of course.

About the London Motor Museum

We had the great pleasure of being shown around their Supercar Workshop and the museum by Elo. There is a great story behind every vehicle and even if you are not a car buff, you would be mesmerised. If you do visit, make sure you take the owner’s tour for the full experience. If not, download their supercool new app which will give you information on every vehicle as you walk past it.

The musuem is over 15,000 sq ft and has over 200 vehicles, many that have been used in movies and music videos. You can see what they are working on in their workshop at the back of the museum and on the day we were there, we spotted a Bentley that was about to given the Elo treatment. It’s really inspiring to see Elo and his team being so passionate about what they do and being so proud of their product.

Besides the museum, they the customisations in the SuperCar Workshop.

London Motor Museum 025

My favourite rooms are the Bat Cave, Super Cars and Muscle Cars. You can order one of these Bat Mobiles too for the price of a small London flat. There is one floating around the Middle East somewhere.

Here are some of the cars and their stories.

This is the latest one:  The Scream for Halloween. actually a customised London Cab where they took off the taxi body, fitted it to a Chevrolet Blazer chassis and added a 5.7l Chevrolet V8 engine and Monster tyres with added spooky features like flashing red lights. I took these pictures a couple of days before the grand unveiling.


London Motor Museum 030

London Motor Museum 029

This 1989 road worthy Bat Mobile and the 1969 Bat Mobile.


London Motor Museum 086 London Motor Museum 087 London Motor Museum 088
London Motor Museum 080
London Motor Museum 082

Here is the fastest speed boat on the water.

London Motor Museum

This is Snoop Dog’s last minute customised car for a show in Germany. Note his signature and the white leather interior. He still uses this car every time he comes to London.
Snoop De Ville at London Motor Museum London Motor Museum 154 London Motor Museum 155

This is the 1937 Lincoln Zephyr, one of the most expensive cars in the world.

London Motor Museum 047

1936 Ford Roaster, built from scratch.

London Motor Museum


This is their own design, a super slick car and what gorgeous lines.
London Motor Museum 129

The 60’s room is striking with the juke box blasting tunes of that decade and the array of motors that you would have seen on Grease (at least that is my term of reference.)

London Motor Museum 135

London Motor Museum

Then there is a lovely old Morris Minor that belonged to an old lady, found in a barn. They bought it and homed it in the Museum untouched. So it’s still there will the dust, the mud splattered wheels and housed in it’s own replica barn.

This is a VW Camper Van turned into a private jet inspired executive car with a coffee machine, a bar and all mod cons.

London Motor Museum
London Motor Museum 093

This Ferrari Pick Up truck really rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way. Sacriligeous they cried. Every Mid Western millionaire cowboy needs one of these.

Ferrari Pick Up truck at the London Motor Museum
Ferrari Pick Up truck

Of course there is the 1981 De Lorean from Back to the Future. (Note you can’t normally touch or get into these cars!)

London Motor Museum 078

London Motor Museum

London Motor Museum 146

London Motor Museum 144

London Motor Museum 073

London Motor Museum 070

London Motor Museum 075London Motor Museum 045

Then there are the cars used by Beyonce and other music acts in their music videos, complete with the bling bling cyrstal encrusted wheels.

They don’t just have cars. This is a bike with a customised body made by an artisan who makes Medieval Armour.

London Motor Museum 132

Here is one for the kids, Professor Z from Disney Pixar’s Cars 2.

Snoop de Ville at London Motor Museum

We had such a grand time at the London Motor Museum and being fed some serious burgers, we got dropped home in this Maybach. It’s a must visit if you are a motor head or even remotely interested in cars. A unique day out for sure.


A lift home from the @londonmotormuseumofficial in a Maybach #london #cars #lux

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London Motor Museum, the Burger Bus Stop or the new app, please visit

3 Nestles Avenue
Hayes, Middlesex

(5 minutes walk from the tube)

EatCookExplore was a guest of the London Motor Museum

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