Celebrating London Wine Week at The Real Greek Soho

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On the list of things I love in life, Greek food and wine rank pretty highly. As such, I was delighted to be invited to the launch of The Real Greek Soho’s new wine menu in celebration of London Wine Week (13-19 May).

When I heard “new wine menu” I assumed that meant one or two new stand-out options, maybe a handful at the most. I was wrong. The Real Greek Soho has introduced a whopping 19 new wines to its menu!

The Real Greek London Wine Fair

Yes, 19. A quick peek at the menu told me that these fresh additions brought the grand total of wines sold by the restaurant up to 25. In case you’re wondering, that breaks down as 11 whites, four rosés, nine reds, three sparklings and one dessert wine. “Spoilt for choice” is a phrase that springs to mind.

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The majority of wines are of Greek origin with the exception of one or two Italian options and a single French outlier (champagne, naturally). Alongside the usual Merlot and Pinot Grigio, there are a couple of kooky wines such as the organic white Assyrtiko and the Ellinas white/red which is bottled specially for The Real Greek in Thessaloniki.

Worth a mention is the Abaton Agioritiko wine, which has both a white and red varieties. The wine is produced at the St.Panteleimon Monastery on Mount Athos, a place with a spiritual reputation “comparable to the Vatican,” according to the restaurant’s sommelier. I sampled a glass of the Abaton red, which showcases a delectable mix of Xinomavro, Grenache and Limnio grape varieties. It was light on the palate and fruity without being too sweet or overbearing. A perfect choice for a red wine virgin or someone looking for a less acidic option than their usual Pinot Noir.

For the non-wine drinkers, the restaurant is offering the new Kanenas “tsipouro” (pomace brandy). Fresh from winning the Best Spirit award at the 2019 Thessanoliki International Wine & Spirits Competition, this tsipouro will be a welcome addition to The Real Greek’s spirits menu. As a society, we are swinging towards more environmentally-friendly ways of producing food and drink, so it’s encouraging to see a Soho restaurant champion a pomace brandy.

No wine-tasting would be complete without a canapé (or three), and the restaurant didn’t disappoint on this front. Alongside a selection of cold Mediterranean bites, the friendly staff provided a constant stream of grilled treats including chicken souvlaki and juicy monkfish. Various cheeses and melt-in-the-mouth Iberian ham from Spanish firm Monte Nevado were available for those who fancied a second protein fix. Needless to say, I didn’t leave with a rumbling stomach!

As far as prices go, The Real Greek is reasonable (especially considering its central location) and most wines can be purchased by the glass. Prices range from £4.90 to £6.60 for a 175ml glass. For a 500ml carafe, we’re talking £13.40 to £19.00, and a 750ml bottle will set you back between £18.00 – £35.00.

In the wise words of Athenian playwright Euripides – “where there is no wine, there is no love.” Thankfully, The Real Greek has plenty of the good stuff to fall head over heels for!

The Real Greek Soho

50 Berwick St




EatCookExplore was a guest of The Real Greek

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