Chinese New Year at Shangrila Hotel’s Ting

It’s the Year of the Fire Rooster, according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. The best celebrations are always around food. This year, Ting in the Shangrila Hotel is offering a Chinese New Year menu by Ching He Huang for a limited time. Go along to sample some unusual dishes from the gold dumplings below.

Ting has 2 dining areas, the South East Asian menu is served in the lounge area and in the main dining room, there is a different ala carte menu. The whole place has stunning floor to ceiling glass windows so you can enjoy the views over London from every table. It is quite a stunning setting. (Top tip: Instead going up The Shard, book in to have lunch or an afternoon tea here instead.)

004-Ting 004

Ting Shangrila Chinese New Year
Great view from Ting
Ting Chinese Wines
Chinese Wines
Ting Serenaded by traditional Chinese music
Serenaded by traditional Chinese music
Lion dance preparation
In preparation for the Lion dance, the brush is to paint the eyes on the lions to bring them alive. The mandarins and lettuce are the offerings representing gold(prosperity) and life (longevity).
057-Ting 057
Two lions to scare away the demons and bring luck
Ting Gold dumplings
Gold dumplings
Ting Longevity noodles
Longevity noodles
Ting Red envelopes for luck and prosperity
Red envelopes for luck and prosperity

Tasting Chinese Wines

They have been making wine in China for a couple of decades and it is still not that common in London. There are some very famous Chinese vineyards that have been fetching some stunning prices at auctions. Here at Ting, we got to try a couple.

Ting was serving these 2 wines from the Chinese Grace Vineyards. Both were 2010 vintages and are available on their regular wine menu. We had the opportunity to taste both of them and my personal favourite was the Chardonnay. Not heavily oaked, lovely nose and would go really well with the delicate flavours of the dim sum served.

Pouring the Chairman's Reserve wine from Grace Estates
Pouring the Chairman’s Reserve wine from Grace Estates
Ting Grave Vineyard's Chardonnay
Grace Vineyard’s Chardonnay 2010
Ting Grave Vineyard's Chairman's Reserve Chinese Wine
Grace Vineyard’s Chairman’s Reserve 2010
Shangri-La Hotel At The Shard London
Shangri-La Hotel,
31 St Thomas St,
London SE1 9QU
Tel: 020 7234 8108
EatCookExplore was a guest of Ching He Huang and Ting 

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