Comforting soups for fast days

Since I usually work from home, you would think that I would have a lot of time to cook healthy lunches. Most of the time, I am so engrossed in whatever project that I am doing that I always opt for the quickest solution. Here is one of my favourite quick and nutritious solutions, fresh chilled soups by Glorious Foods.

Glorious soups range

All the Glorious Soups are made with fresh ingredients and the flavours are inspired by the major food trends from around the world. I like that they don’t use any flavour enhancers as that can leave a nasty aftertaste. Each 600g tub has 2 servings of soup. They recently sent me 12 flavours to try. I do like the convenience of

Glorious Soups recently sent me 12 flavours to try. I do like the convenience of ready-made soups and they came in so many flavours too. Their selection include vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options too and these were:

Skinnylicious Soups

  • Fragrant That Carrot
  • Vietnamese Supergreens
  • The Texas Four Bean chilli
  • New England Butternut Squash soup
  • Goan Tomato and Lentil
  • Singapore Crushed tomato
  • Cuban Creamed Corn

Meal Soups:

  • Sunny Thai Chicken
  • Moroccan Spiced Chicken
  • Mumbai Lentil and Chickpea
  • Tuscan Chicken and Orzo
  • West African Chicken

The Texas Four Bean chilli soup has just 100 calories per serving and it’s packed full of protein rich beans. Vietnamese Supergreens is just like a hot smoothie, as my little friend Yuko likes to call this soup. Infused with flavours of lemongrass and kefir lime leaves, it adds a lovely aromatic flavour to the petit pois, lentils and spinach recipe. At just 144 calories, it definitely falls into the healthy lunch option.

This is the Cuban Creamed corn soup which has little bites of corn and a surprising kick from the cayenne pepper. Loved the creamy texture and it tasted quite decadent for a “skinny” soup.

Glorious soups Cuban Creamed Corn Soup

When hungry, I like the Meal Soups which have chunky textures in them like the Tuscan Chicken and tomato soup. With pieces of chicken and chunks of vegetable, it makes for a more substantial meal when you need one. It’s hard to pick a favourite out of all the flavours but I do like the Indian spiced ones as they have such good flavours.

Both the Meal Soups and the Skinnylicious range of soups is perfect for the fast days if you are on the 5 2 Intermittent Fasting diet. Each portion has only about 150 calories. There is a lot of high fibre vegetables and protein packed into each portion so you won’t be hungry and your diet will not be missing any nutrients either. You can find the full range of soups here.

Soups provided by Glorious Food


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