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Learning to cook healthier dishes is always of interest. At this Healthy Asian cookery class with LV= we were shown a few very tasty and quick Asian recipes. All the recipes are quite easy to put together and full of flavour. It might be healthy but it is still tasty and fills you up too.

Ken was our instructor for the night and he demonstrated some knife skills techniques and gave us some helpful cooking tips. One that I will be using again is to freeze chillies and when you need to use them, just grate the frozen chillies straight into the dish. He says to always use sea salt for cooking as other salts don’t dissolve at the right stage of cooking. An interesting fact that I have never considered but I am sure salt dissolves at about the same rate and there is not a discernible difference that will affect taste. I like to use Himalayan Salt as it is so much richer in minerals. It’s a rock salt but I think it dissolves at the same rate.

We made 3 recipes, Asian Prawn salad, Chicken Noodle Broth and a Thai chicken curry. It was a great demonstration of how to use Asian herbs and spices to make healthy and delicious meals.

LV Lovelife Cooking lesson
Knife skills

LV Lovelife (14)

LV Lovelife making crostini
Making Crostini for the chicken noodle broth

LV Lovelife Chicken Noodle Broth

Pan frying prawns for the Asian prawn salad. Loved the healthy anti inflammatory turmeric used in the marinade.

LV Lovelife (18)

The marinaded courgettes as a vegetarian alternative. Vibrant colours.

LV Lovelife (26)

LV Lovelife (30)

Everyone’s favourite, a good Thai chicken curry. Can’t go wrong with this recipe. Gresh

LV Lovelife (37)

Besides exercising, eating well is just as important to maintain your health and I am happy to see LV= taking an initiative to remind people about nutrition and health. Read more about their Love Life initiative here.

EatCookExplore was a guest of LV=

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