Courtesan for Dim Sum, Cocktails and Entertainment

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Looking for more than just dinner? Courtesan in Brixton provides an evening of adventure with Dim Sum, cocktails and late night entertainment. The two floored traditional Asian décor creates a cozy and trendy environment to gather in after work or on the weekend, in the heart of Brixton.

Courtesan Brixton Dim Sum

Courtesan’s greatest attraction, Dim Sum is made at the restaurant itself where the focus is on its MSG and preservative-free ingredients. If you are visiting as a vegan, vegetarian, gluten or dairy free customer, there are also a range of options to explore on the menu. Courtesan will introduce you to new flavours of Asia and you are guaranteed to be introduced to something you have never tried before.

Presentation of the food is impeccable and the taste truly matches. The Court cocktails are a perfect way to compliment your meal which includes jasmine and chamomile teas, as well as a touch of lychee, chilli and fig to cleanse your palette.

Courtesan Brixton

One of Courtesan’s most attractive qualities is its world’s first ‘female’ wine and spirit list, either produced or grown exclusively by women. Additionally, the kitchen is all-female and much of the entertainment consists of an all-female cast.

But what makes Courtesan different from any other restaurant I’ve been to is its quirky events which take you back to the glamour of last century. Head back to the times where the focus is far away from social media and enjoy a classy night out immersing yourself in the likes of burlesque and live jazz.

Your options are vast and Courtesans entertainment will suit all tastes and occasions, so jump out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Treat yourself to more than just dinner at Courtesan. Burlesque and dim sum, what more could you ask for?


69-73 Atlantic Road,


London SW9 8PU

EatCookExplore was a guest of Courtesan

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