A Dream Afternoon Tea

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I do love the Afternoon Teas at posh hotels in London. It is such a treat to meet up with friends, drink lovely tea and fab cakes.

When you have not managed to book an afternoon at your favourite place, the next best thing is to have it at home. You can bake some of these spelt quinoa scones or healthy oatmeal biscuits, serve a really good quality loose leaf tea in fine bone china cups and enjoy a relaxing catch up.

A lot of my friends have been moving towards a dairy free lifestyle. So they won’t drink milk with their tea. Alternatives to milk in your tea or coffee are the many different choices of dairy free milks like rice milk or almond milk.

Rice milk taste nicer as it is closer to the taste of milk and still be dairy free. It has not added sugar and the slightly sweet taste is from the naturally occurring sugars from rice fermentation. Dream has been making rice milk for over 30 years. If, like my friends, you are lactose intolerant or just want to eliminate dairy, soy, gluten, nuts and wheat from your diet, this is a good alternative.

dream-rice-milk afternoon tea
Tea with rice milk, scones with strawberry jam and cream.

If you have never tried rice milk, Dream are running a promotion where you try it for free. Look for the pack with the right message on it and you can get your money back. If you don’t like rice milk, you can try oat or cashew milk instead.

Try Dream Rice milk for free
Try Dream Rice milk for free


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