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If you have been on the tube recently, you probably would have seen ads for the new recipe box service, Mindful Chef. I was sent a box to roadtest recently as I was keen to see what recipes they suggest that can be done in 15 minutes. I like the idea of recipe boxes as they challenge you to cook new recipes and all the ingredients are nicely portioned out. No need to buy big bottles of sauces when you just need one teaspoon. I like their ethos of using only small British-run family farms and sustainable suppliers and they also provide return bags to recycle all the packaging materials.

They promised delicious, healthy 15 minute recipes. Quick, delicious and healthy, that’s the holy grail of home cooking. But did they deliver?

I tried 2 recipes, hake with roasted tomatoes and pepper and Mexican steak (which by its regular appearance on the weekly menu suggests that it’s quite popular.

Mindful Chef Low Carb Hake with Salsa Verde, Millet & tomato
Low Carb Hake with Salsa Verde, Millet & tomato

All the perfectly portioned ingredients arrive in a box and within that, the chilled bags marked contents of each recipe. After a quick read of the recipe, I set about recreating my first recipe., roasted hake with tomatoes and peppers. See the recipe here.

Mindful Chef Neatly portioned ingredients
Neatly portioned ingredients

The steps were very easy to follow. There are no complicated techniques required, not too many steps and all the ingredients are clearly labelled so it’s easy to line them up and use as they are needed. One thing I learnt from this is that salsa verde when made fresh can be really delicious.

The resulting dish was looked fab, lots of colour from the tomatoes and peppers and the flavours from the salsa verde really livened up the dish. I will be adding salsa verde to everything from now on.

It took me about 25 minutes instead of 15 but that was quite acceptable. I plated up my fish like in the picture. Loved the end result. Tasty flavours, quite a decent piece of fish, delicious salsa verde, quite satisfying.

Mindful Chef Mexican Steak
Mexican Steak

The other recipe is the Mexican Steak using a piece of quick cook bavette, seasoned with some dry Mexican spices, served with ready-cooked rice and avocado salsa on the side. So simple and quite delicious too.

I really enjoyed cooking the recipes from Mindful Chef.  Easy to follow instructions, interesting recipes resulting in quite delicious meals. They did deliver on flavour, ease of cooking and convenience.

These 15 minute meal recipe boxes are now available from their website, prices from £4 a meal. You can check out the weekly recipe selection on their website: https://www.mindfulchef.com/

EatCookExplore was sent a recipe box to review. 

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