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Brick Lane Street Art
Brick Lane Street Art

How I use creativity daily in blogging

Blogging is not just an outlet for creative writing ideas. There are so many ways to use your creativity in blogging. 

As I mostly blog about food and trave on here, I have endless ways of being creative.

For example, in my recipe posts, I have many ways to style the finished dish for food photography.

In food styling, I use colours, textures, lighting and other elements to make the enhance the food photo. I don’t always have the benefit of time to do this with all my recipe posts but I try to incorporate a bit of creativity in at least how I plate the food.

With travel photos, there are so many different ways to be creative without copying the latest trends on Instagram. You can take interesting photos of familiar monuments and destinations with your own style. Change the way you frame the photo, take it from high above or from the ground, take the photo at a different time of day like sunrise or sunset. I could write a whole other blog post on this.

Here are some of the other ways I can be creative on my blog:

  • Creative blog topics and headlines
  • Find an unusual and different way to tell a story
  • Writing and telling stories that are from a different perspective
  • Using your creativity in styling your blog with design, colours and graphics
  • Taking and using photography creatively to enhance your blog articles.
  • Making eye-catching and traffic converting social media and Pinterest posts using graphics and fonts. As Pinterest is one of the big traffic-driving platforms, it is really important that you create and share multiple eye-catching Pinterest pins to promote your blog posts. One way to do this is to use bold colours and interesting fonts that align with your branding.
  • Attention-grabbing thumbnails for your Youtube videos. Using bold fonts, colours and graphic elements, it will make your videos stand out in YouTube search results.

How to make the most out of resources from Design Bundles

  1. Use fonts to update the design of your blogs and your blog graphics.

    Choose a couple of fonts that you like and use them to style your website ie in your header graphic, as headings on your blog posts or side bars. You can find font pairs that work together which will also form part of your branding. I have a whole library of fonts from Design Bundles that I use when designing graphics.

2. Use ready-made graphics to save time

Since I don’t know and don’t have time to learn graphics software, using ready made graphics can greatly save time when it comes to making blog or social media graphics.

You can import the products you buy like fonts, vectors, brush effects and other graphic elements into the software of your choice to personalise your blog images.

3. Use mockups for product reviews

I like to use the ready made mockups when I review products on my blog. I don’t always have good photos of the products that I review and I can use the mockups as a base to add photos of products that I am reviewing.

If you like crafting, there are so many bundles on Design Bundles that you use that is so much fun like these paper cutting templates.

I’ve found so many creative designs that I want to try out for making some art work to hang up at home and to make my own hand made Christmas cards this year.

I especially like these designs.

Design Bundles 3D paper cut template Mandala cat
Credit: Design Bundles 3D paper cut template Mandala cat
Design Bundles 3D paper cut template 3D Alphabets
Image Credit: Design Bundles 3D paper cut template 3D Alphabets

How to get started with paper cutting

Paper cutting is a really old Chinese art that started almost 2000 years ago when they invented paper. I remember making lots of these simple paper cuts to decorate food offerings for Chinese New Year and religious festivals. We used red crepe paper and a pair of scissors. Then it was just a matter of making some folds and cutting out shapes that will look decorative when unfolded. These designs were not overly artistic but it was fun to make.

Here is a quick paper cutting picture tutorial to cut a round geometric flower design that you can try out with your kids at home.

How to make a papercut flower
How to make a papercut flower

1. Fold the paper to make a square
2. Fold the square into quarter or eights if it is not too thick. The more you can fold the paper, the more intricate the design
3. cut around the edges to make a circle
4. while still folded, cut into the edges of the folds. I cut a triangle of different shapes on the folded edges.
5. Unfold and be surprised by your creative design.

Top tip: Use coloured paper or old wrapping paper to make fun paper cuts that you can use to decorate your books or presents with.

Over the years paper cutting has evolved into quite a sophisticated art form. You can buy these templates and cut out intricate designs to use on cards, embroidery or as art.

There are even some templates that are designed to build into 3D models too.If you don’t know how to use these templates, there is a Design School that has lots of tutorials.

Not only do they teach you about design but it also covers elements like fonts, graphics, templates, designs, file types and different software programs.

Tools you will need to use these templates:

  • a craft knife
  • a self-healing cutting mat
  • downloadable templates
  • card or paper
  • Or if you want to get even
  • Cricut machine
  • Silhouette machine

Whether you want to learn more ways to enjoy crafting or learn new skills that you can turn into a side hustle, they have it all here.

I know quite a lot of bloggers who have turned their creativity and love of crafting into lucrative side hustles. You can use these graphic tools to create things you can sell on Etsy like hand made cards or wall art. Share your designs on your Instagram and Pinterest which can also be great marketing platforms.

How have you been creative on your blogs? Have you made anything crafty? Do share in the comments below.


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