Fab Mexican Street Food Waterloo – Buen Provecho

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One lunchtime I found myself around Waterloo and needed a quick bite and remembered this Mexican stall that @MarinaMetro recommended in the Evening Standard. It is just on one of the back streets behind the station and there was a short queue of people.

This Mexican Street Food stall is run by Arturo Rodriguez and he seems to have garnered quite a following.  The daily offerings are shown on a blackboard and the food it cooked fresh daily. Here are some of the things on offer:

  • Cochinita Pibil – pork in ornage juice
  • Pollo con Mole – chicken with mole
  • Picadilo – minced beef in vegetable chipotle sauce

Buen Provecho Waterloo

For a quick lunch, I had the selection of tacos for£5 and you can buy the salsas to take home for £2 a pot.

Mexican Street Food

You can choose which fillings you want from the daily selections and you add your own mole, salsa, guacamole and hot sauces. Beware, it is really hot.

Mexican Tacos

I had one of each of the meats available and they were served on a crispy toasted taco. Each of the fillings had it’s own distinctive flavour and my favourite was the pork. The hot sauces were reassuringly hot and really hit the spot. Up to now, my experience of Mexican food in London has not been great, and restaurants can serve up anything as most Londoners don’t know what to really expect with the cuisine.

Unfortunately, there are not tables at the stall but they do have a couple of stools to perch on. Best to take this away and find a seat to savour these delightful flavours.

If you are in the area, go try this. It’s hot, tasty and is probably one of the best street food stalls in London, thanks Marina for the rec. This is my kind of street food.

Buen Provecho Mexican Street Food

Lower Marsh Street Market

Behind Waterloo Station

London SE1


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  1. This guy is seriously brilliant and very kind. I ventured down to the I Knit London shop once and emerged with only a handful of change. As I walked past the Mexican I was sooo temped by what was on offer. I held out my change like a small child at a tuck shop and asked what it would buy. I am not advocating this method of purchase but on that sunny day it worked and I got 3 x filled tostados inc pulled pork for my troubles. So kind but they food was SO good – and I vowed to return v.soon w/ a more appreciate amount of cash. Great that he’s got some coverage.

  2. I’ve heard lots about this place so will visit next week!