The Fabulous Baker Brothers at Harrods

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Real bread is a great trend that is catching on in a big way now. TV programmes like The Fabulous Baker Brothers and the Great British Bakeoff have really fuelled the interest in real baking in this country.

Tom and Henry Herbert have done their bit in promoting this trend. When their show aired, the twittersphere erupted. Mostly with admiration of new found fans.

The Fabulous Baker Brothers at Harrods
Tom and Henry Herbert

Today, they launched their bread in Harrods Food Halls. I met the 2 boys briefly for a chat while they were busy signing their new book, The Fabulous Baker Brothers.

The Fabulous Baker Boys

They are introducing their artisanal bread exclusively to Harrods with 13 different flavours. All the bread is supplied from their family bakery in the Cotswold where they bake up to 50,000 loaves a week. Deliveries to London will be made weekly.

I was curious as to how they can supply fresh bread to London as real bread doesn’t keep as long as the plastic bread. All the bread will be fully baked and then blast frozen before delivery and this is then baked in store for 5 mins to warm them up.

Henry Herbert The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Of the flavours on offer, my favourite was the Fig and walnut loaf. There is also a 100% spelt sourdough loaf and their uncle’s black and green olive loaf baked in a pot, which uses an Italian dough base.

They are about to start a baking and butchery school and you can get more details here

Hobbs House Bakery
Hatters Lane, Chipping Sodbury,
Bristol BS37 6AA

01454 321 629

Hobbs House Bakery At Harrods


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