Gift Guide for Intrepid Travellers

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Best Travel Gifts under £100 

Buying gifts that are practical and useful is so much more meaningful. These are the gifts below £100 that I have suggested for travel lovers. Most of these I already have or are on my wishlist.  I hope you find these travel inspired gift ideas useful. Do share in the comments if you have other great ideas for intrepid travellers. 

        • Tile security finder  – One of the most useful gadgets I have when travelling is one of these tiles. Putting one in each backpack and hand bag helps you to locate it when it goes missing. Their clever system connects to anyone within bluetooth distance from the device to help you track it. Essential. 
        • Power Banks – nning out of battery for your phone, camera and other devices is one of the biggest problems for modern day travellers. Until phone manufacturers fix their battery life issues, we will always be searching for the nearest electrical source to plugin our chargers. Carrying around a power bank is essential for keeping us fully charged and its also a safety issue. We don’t want to be a strange place and have a dead phone. Pick a power bank that is fast to charge and can hold at least 2 or more charges and preferably with a couple of USB ports. This way you can charge your phone and camera battery at the same time. 

      • Fast 64GB SD Cards –  An intrepid traveller needs lots of memory cards for the thousands of photos that they take on each trip. Nowadays, as all cameras can take stunning 4K videos as well as photos. the memory cards fill up very quickly. It is always advisable to buy lots of separate cards for each trip so that if one gets corrupted, you don’t lose all your photos and videos. This SD is 64GB which is a lot of storage capacity and it is super fast as well which means that it will work with cameras that takes videos. 

    • Life Straw Water Bottle – this bottle ensures that you have safe drinking water wherever you go. It filters out harmful bacteria and other nasties from your water. You can fill it with water from an unknown river, well or other water source and the filtered water is perfectly safe to drink. Also the company supports rural communities in Africa that don’t have safe drinking water.

    • Anti-Theft Bags – More and more luggage companies are producing theft proof bags. Sometimes it is in the design where the zips are on the surface that is not accessible and sometimes it is the material that is used. Some high tech bags use slash proof fabric for thier bags. These are great for travelling, especially when you are unsure of the place the you are going to. 

    • Solid soaps – as an alternative to carrying plastic bottles with shower gel and shampoo, these solid soaps are much more eco friendly, takes up less space in your luggage and smells great too. Available from Holland and Barrett. Ehtique travel soaps -Christmas gifts for travel lovers
    • Moleskin Travel Journal – Not a lot of people like paper or writing anymore but I find that using a travel journal, you can create your travel plans, collect bits of information, add snippets that I have picked up on the way and use it as a scrapbook for the places I have been. It’s great to be able to look through old travel journals to remind you of those journeys that you have taken. This Moleskin travel journal one is the one most loved for years by travel writers and you won’t want any other one after this. 
    • Passport holder and card case – These stylish British made leather passport holders are a lovely gift idea for the discerning traveller. They come in many colours and it’s perfect for that travel lover in your life. 
    • Reusable Straw – Being an eco conscious traveller, you don’t want to encourage the use of plasticc straws. This pack of reusable straws comes in it’s own bag and a little tiny brush for cleaning. I carry mine with me everywhere and it is so much better than using the rubbish paper straws. 


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