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Hop Vietnamese

Broadgate used to be a really bad place to find lunch. When I used to work there, we used to regularly order in bento boxes from a special Japanese catering company, one of the only alternatives to the sandwich bar. Today, Broadgate there are so many choices for lunch, especially with the revamped shops in Broadgate Circle.

Hop Vietnamese Street Eats is another new casual eatery/ takeaway in Broadgate. They serve fast and fresh Vietnamese street food dishes which you can pick up from their chilled cabinets or made to order.

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You can find Pho, Banh Mi, summer rolls and noodle salads. Most the recipes are authentically Vietnamese but they have some with British ingredients like smoked mackerel and beetroot. They even serve congee rice porridge for breakfast.

I tried the Pho (£6.25) and a tropical fruit salad.  A nice pot of Pho came with a few slices of beef and herbs. There are bottles of Sriracha sauce on the table if you need to spice things up. There are a few seats in the shop or you can choose to take away your order.

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For coffee lovers, they serve Vietnamese coffee, hot or cold. I had a cold iced Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. It was like being back in Asia.


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Hop is a concept that I can see being replicated across town. It is quick and tasty Asian food. You can checkout their full menu on their website.

Hop Vietnamese
2 Finsbury Avenue Square
London EC2M 2PA

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EatCookExplore was a guest of Hop Vietnamese

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