How to build a truly location independent life as a digital nomad

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I have been doing some research on places that would be a great place to live for a digital nomad. Since most of the work I do is online, I can work and live anywhere that has a decent internet connection and has all the lifestyle trappings that I need. So these are the places on my shortlist:

Top 5 places that are digital nomad friendly

Anfi Harbour Gran Canaria, Spain
Anfi Harbour Gran Canaria

1) Vancouver – a really fun city, lots of friends there and great food
2) Anywhere in New Zealand – for Jessica Ahern, great outdoors, clean air
3) Venice – my spiritual home, fab food and my favourite city in the world
4) Gran Canaria – great weather, European, big Digital Nomad community
5) Lisbon – this has been recommended by lots of friends, easy to get a residents card, well connected

I’d avoid Bali as it is overblown as a desirable destination. I’ve been there and it is not my idea of paradise unless I have a villa that comes with a cook and driver.

Chiang Mai is also off the list. Most people gravitate there for the cheap cost of living and massive expat community. Not for me, although other parts of Thailand might be an option. (Note: The Thai government has spent a lot to upgrade the internet across the country so they will have superfast broadband almost everywhere you go.)

Gearing up to be a digital nomad – start a lifestyle business

Vancouver View toward York Town
Vancouver View toward York Town

Have you ever wanted to ditch that desk-bound life and create a life of travel and adventure? I have quite a few friends who have done that quite successfully. I love to live vicariously through their Instagram postings, always thinking that I will take the steps to make that leap too.

Having being stuck in one place these last few months with all my travel plans cancelled, the yearning to get travelling again is great.

Most of these digital nomads have made this lifestyle possible by creating location independent “Lifestyle Businesses”. Most of my business is online, offering services like SEO consulting, SEO copywriting, teaching online courses on blogging and affiliate marketing. Coincidentally, I have just been introduced to Tomasz Drybala and ultra-endurance athlete.

Who is Tomasz Drybala?

Tomasz is one of those people that I really admire, taking on a massive physical challenge for his own personal growth. The result of this is that he found clarity in his purpose.

After a personal setback, he set off to Asia to reset his life and transform his mental health. There he came up with this personal challenge to run 7000 miles from Vietnam to Bali via eight countries. This was a tough and gruelling journey which saw him facing all sorts of adversities, dealing with hunger and weather.

Some days saw him running marathon-length distances. When Coronovirus ended his challenge halfway, he is now continuing this quest by running 268 half-marathons. On the way, he is raising funds in support of young people who have suffered childhood trauma.

You can read about his challenge to run 7000 miles here.

How to find clarity and achieve a life of purpose

He has taken the learnings from this personal challenge and is now teaching others how to find that clarity, achieve their goals and create a lifestyle that is passion led and fulfilling.

Imagine working from your beachfront villa, steps away from a white sandy beach, with clients that you love and creating an income that more than sustains your lifestyle. That is what Tomasz is offering.

He teaches you to *build a profitable and sustainable business using your brand, that will provide you with a stable income.

In the course, he details how anyone can create a lifestyle business, he covers important topics like how to build your personal brand and how to attract sponsors and monetise your business. You can see the courses that he is offering here.

You can muddle along by yourself, trying out all sorts of different make money online offers until you find one that works. Alternatively, you can model someone who has already done it. (Tony Robbins and other gurus teach this too, find someone to model). This is the shortcut to the lifestyle that you are looking for.

This post was sponsored by Tomasz Drybala


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