Hugh’s Fish Fight – Dolphin unfriendly tuna is supermarkets

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I was watching Hugh’s Fish Fight and on it a couple of Greenpeace ladies went to Ghana to trace the origins of the tuna that they bought from Tesco. They followed code on the can to the fishery which ended with a fishing boat supplying that fishing boat.

Two of the fisherman from that boat said on video that they caught shark, turtles and dolphins in their purse seining nets, 3km long nets that just sweeps up everything in its way.

The Tesco spokesperson watched the video clip and said that he was shocked that dolphins were caught.
Err right.

Hugh then gets an interview with the Tesco person and tries to get them to change the “dolphin friendly” label on their cans. I have been informed by the knowledgable people on twitter that even Waitrose, Sainsbury and Coop have the same labelling and fish could be from similarly dolphin unfriendly sources. I guess Hugh will get to the bottom of this at some point.


greenpeace_tesco tuna

What is the solution to stop this type of fishing? Buy only pole and line caught tuna instead.

There is a campaign going on to end this at Over 100,000 people have signed up already. Support the cause.

You can see Hugh’s Cooking Videos and Books here.

Feel free to add your comments on this issue below.

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Would you eat farmed salmon?

Tonights show covered farmed salmon, which is quite iffy too. Pregnant women are advised not to eat it. Here is a list of alternative fish you can buy instead.


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