IFE 2011 – The must see list

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The IFE show at the Excel in London is a massive Food and Drink Trade Show. It’s a good place to spot new food producers, food trends and to meet fellow foodies. This a a brief summary of the producers that I thought were interesting and things that you must see at the show.

Joloffe – A ghanaian stall selling their bottled sauce that makes delicious Jollofe rice and chicken dish. If you have never tried Ghanaian food, this is a very good introduction.

Saw 2 stands selling Israeli cous cous which is a small spherical ball instead of a finer grain, quite similar to the Sardinian fregola.  It seems it’s all the rage in high end New York restaurants and is about to hit London in a big way. The Israeli stand has 3 versions, one with carrot and something green looks very pretty. Will have to seek out a supplier and try it.

Seven Hills Ducks – and Irish duck company that supplies ducks to the trade, try their roast duck on the stand.

MooCluck ice cream – a new sugar free ice cream made with free range eggs. The Blueberry flavour is fab.

Check out Lull relaxation drink, made with herbs, etc. Love their aluminium bottle but it is not reusable. 🙁

***Popping Boba juice balls is a new concept from Taiwan. Amazing flavours and texture. Don’t miss this one.

La Obamas Black Garlic (Swiss)  – try the black garlic soda which is meant to be super healthy and makes you live to 120! Also the other black garlic stall which is English, in the same area.

Tajini sauces in the Moroccan section, loved the raisin flavoured sauce. Amazing flavour for a jar sauce. Shame it’s only available in French supermarkets for now.

At the Italian section, check out the pecorino stand and try the pecorino with tartufo and the saffron pecorino.

At the Emilia Romagna in the Italian section, try the superb 3 bichieri Albana di Romagna wine, the special one. Only €8 per bottle, bargain. There is a sparkling one which is good too.

Also, check out the Malaysia Kitchen stand where they are doing some cooking demos.


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